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Favorite Naranja/Uva Academy Class?

Favorite academy class(es)?

  • Biology

    Votes: 7 30.4%
  • Math

    Votes: 6 26.1%
  • Languages

    Votes: 4 17.4%
  • History

    Votes: 16 69.6%
  • Battle Studies

    Votes: 8 34.8%
  • Art

    Votes: 8 34.8%
  • Home Economics

    Votes: 8 34.8%

  • Total voters


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Apr 27, 2022
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Kinda surprised this wasn't a thread prior. With the current site event going on, I think it's the perfect time to discuss this.

What was your favorite class in the Naranja/Uva Academy during your playthrough? It could be for the class itself, the instructor, the quest/reward it unlocked, etc.
For me, despite what my current account theming may tell you, I think it was History. Just a real fun way to learn more in-universe lore and Raifort's quest was super nifty when it came to locating the ruined treasures quartet. Also, Raifort herself was great. Honorable mention to Languages, solely cuz I absolutely loved Salvatore and he was probably my favorite of all the instructors
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If it was real life it would probably be Biology since that's the one I enjoyed the most when I was in HS years back (at least of the ones there.) but as it stands ingame the Art class was the one that stood out to me the most. Between the great Professor Gible and the interactions between Hassel and Brassius it just blows the others out of the water IMO. If I had to also give a second place though I'd probably also have to go History since I do appreciate the lore it provided and I also did enjoy Raifort as a character. I kinda wish she had more direct involvement with obtaining the ruinous four though, would've been neat if she was actually there to witness the player catching them at least.
Art was my favorite class. Hassel was so entertaining, definitely my favorite teacher. Then there's Professor Gible, the art room being a fun backdrop in its own right, and the fact that Brassius straight-up explained the meaning of "Surrendering Sunflora" to the class. It says elsewhere that art experts are still debating the meaning of the sculpture. So Brassius is apparently content to let the art world big shots keep scratching their heads, but he gives the secret to a bunch of art students with no hesitation. That's amazing and hilarious.

I enjoyed History because lore dump. I thought Raifort...well...I thought she was a grade-A certified jerk, but one under an amazingly nice boss who only tolerated so much of her shenanigans and who I could (and did) canonically curbstomp, leaving her to just play wannabe maybe-antagonist. It made her entertaining, but I can't say I liked her. She was kind of like Melli to me, but with more villain-ey tendencies. A love-to-hate character, if you will. But apparently that's an EXTREMELY unusual opinion, and most people just like her.

I also had to give a vote to Biology because it had some extremely funny wrong answers to class questions. (Where do Pokémon come from? PC BOXES!) There's also a class where Jacque talks about shinies, and shiny odds-boosting techniques. And he is completely bewildered. Pokémon are more likely to be shiny if their parents are around different languages? What bearing does language have on genetics? There's a charm that makes shiny Pokémon more likely to come to you? How could an inanimate object influence probability? That was one of the funniest bits in all the classes to me.
I actually rather enjoyed the way the math lessons dived into some of the mechanics. There's a lot more detail in the specific ways that things like critical hits and stat stages work that the games usually don't spell out anywhere near as clearly.
As you may be able to guess from my current name and avatar, I also had a great time with history. It was a fun way to learn the extra lore of the game, and Raifort is a really fun character.

Home Economics

the teacher genuinely looks like he would be a therapist and probably great hugs also you could put him with any character that makes bad food and it would work

the class itself was cool, took forever to get that slowpoke cup tho (also never used the picnic thing so I found out you can wash your Pokémon)
History and home economics' lessons. The first one as it's interesting to learn stuff about Paldea's lore and the second mostly due to the teacher himself, who's just as funny as you can get, especially during a particular class involving an Arven's question.
On the other hand I must say I didn't really enjoy languages' lessons as much as the others.
I voted history, but that's mostly just because I love the Treasures of Ruin. Raifort was fun as a teacher, though. I love the way she gets annoyed with the curriculum.

And Laventon's picture on the board was an awesome continuity nod.
I really love the Home Economics, Battle Studies, History, and Art Classes. I think it's mostly just due to the fact that I love those classes' teachers the most lol
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