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TEEN: Flying-Type Gym Leader (CREEPYPASTA!)

Oct 24, 2023
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[//TW: decapitation/blood.]

As an enjoyer of suspenseful, action-packed (dare I say violent?) games, I never really expected much out of Pokemon. From what I knew, it was all catch creatures and battle over and over again. Not really my style. But when my friend Shawn insisted I play it, I figured it must be worth a shot. I mean, Shawn's the kind of guy who won't have anything to do with anime. So if he'd been playing Pokemon, that was a sign that it was definitely worth playing.
I managed to find a pretty cheap Pokemon Gold cartridge on Ebay. I had to admit, the little crow on the front was adorable. I took a pic and sent it over to Shawn, asking what Pokemon it was. He told me it was called Murkrow, but that it wasn't normally on the cover, and that I might've gotten something...interesting? Whatever it was, it was about time to give it a shot.
There was the crow thing on the title screen. Or its silhouette, anyways. I went ahead, started the game, and listened to Oak talk about Pokemon nonstop. He even showed me the little crow again. There was no 'are you a boy or a girl' stuff like I'd heard about, which was weird. I named my little guy Jake, and then got chibi-fied by my new bestie, Oak.
I figured out how to get out of my room after ten minutes and immediately got attacked by who I assumed was my little guy's mom, who handed me a POKeGEAR thing, asked if I knew how to use a phone, and proceeded to bombard me with bird facts. I finally got to the lab, where Elm told me to go get his friend who called to say that a bird attacked him. You're a Pokemon Trainer, right? Just catch it, broski!! He gave me my Pokemon. I picked the little crocodile guy and named him Fang, then took off to find his buddy.
A lot of Pidgey and one trip to Mr. Pokemon's house later, I finally got going up to the Gym Leader. Who, of course, had birds. I wiped them out easy-peasy. I leave the Gym, and a character comes out of the store all "oH i sAW yOUR bATTLE!!" He starts going on and on about bird Pokemon and how amazing and awesome they are.

"Oh! Where are my manners!"

"My name is TAYLOR."

Gender ambiguous name. I see what you did there, Nintendo. You did the same thing to us in Metroid and Ocarina of Time, now didn't you?

"I was a Gym Leader just like Falkner once. I use Flying-types, just like him."

"My Gym was shut down, though. They said I was 'too violent'."

Oh, violence. Maybe this was a good game after all.

"I can tell you like the sound of that. Thrill-seeker, I take it?"

"I'll put my former Gym into your POKeGear. Hope to see you there!"

Well, alrighty then. Looks like I was on my way to a much cooler game. I headed right up to his Gym, ready to fight his birds. I mean...the other guy's Pokemon were about Level 7, so how hard could it be?

"Oh! You actually showed up?"

"You really ARE a thrill-seeker if you decided to come visit little old me."

"'How hard could it be'? Don't worry, I don't plan on making this easy!"

Ooh, villain dialogue. I was getting excited. But, as it turned out, it could be very hard indeed.

Oh, so it's a girl now.

I don't think I was supposed to unlock this yet. Oh well...I thought I'd at least try.


Didn't work. I couldn't land a hit on the thing.
I asked Shawn if there was a guaranteed way to move first. He told me 'Quick Attack'. Well, my owl named Birb knew that one.


This time, I managed to land a hit. That's what triggered it.

Boy, was she MAD.

It was pretty clear she cared a lot about her birds. Because after that, she beheaded me.



The battling screen faded out, and my little character was gone from the screen. The two birds I'd caught were on screen in front of her.
"Oh, you poor things...did he hurt you too?"
"Don't worry. I'll take good care of you two..."
[PIDGEOT's health was restored!!]
"Welcome to the family, little ones!"

She walked through a door, leading my birdies with her. On the other side was what looked like every bird Pokemon in existence. They all bounced around (happily, I assume?), probably greeting their new friends/siblings. Looked like a sweet little ending.

[Battle scenes: Games by Radnyx]
[Sprites: stupid little edited fusion of Jasmine and Karin]


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