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TEEN: For Panem || a Hunger games: TBOSAS one shot thing

mastermind lissi

Deep portal, time travel, all the love we unravel
Oct 28, 2023
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authors notes:
Hiii so basically I had this idea of the hunger games: the ballad of songbirds and snakes from a side characters pov, which ended up being a self insert of me. This had spoilers for the book and movie so. yea. It happens right after the whole arena bombing.
tw: the customary hunger games death and injury mentions

I walked home from the Academy, thoughts still racing. The arena had been bombed! With us in it!! And I’m still alive!! Somehow. My tribute, Sol, on the other hand, I wasn’t so sure about. The arena roof has collapsed, and I had lost her in the chaos. I know some of the tributes had tried to save their mentors, and some had tried to escape. I’m pretty sure the peacekeepers had killed them before they got away. Us mentors had been taken to the academy hospital, and while everyone had gotten injured in some way, some were worse than others. I just had a bandage on my arm from some chunk of something falling, but five of my classmates had been taken to the hospital further into the city. Coriolanus, Androcles, Gaius, Diana, and Apollo. I hope they’re ok. And Sol. I know she’s district, but she was my tribute. I had gotten to know her. And honestly, it would be hard to watch her potentially die in the games.

I was greeted on the steps of my house by my sister. She was a few years older than me, and had gone to the academy too. “Lissi!” She said, looking worried. “I heard what happened, are you ok?” I nodded, trying to shake her worry.

“I’m fine! Something fell and hit my arm, but I’m fine! I’m pretty sure basically everyone else had it worse…” I said. She hugged me, probably happy I was alive. I sat down as she went into the house to bring out some food. I looked out at the tip of the arena I could see from my house. I wonder how that will change the games? Will there even be a games? Will Sol be alive for them if there will be? Is she ok? Are all the other tributes ok? I heard that they had been taken by a veterinarian. That made me angry, but I don’t know why. Maybe because we got a proper doctor and they didn’t? But…. It’s right. Us Capitolites are far above the district people, they don’t deserve our doctors! But… They do. After knowing Sol, even for a small amount of time, made me start to realize that. We are all humans, after all.

My sister walked back out with a plate of bread. I took a bite of one as she sat down too. I decided I could tell her what I was thinking, she’s older than me. She should understand. “I… don’t get why the district people keep getting treated as less than us. They got taken to a veterinarian rather than a doctor like we did. Just because we’re rich and we were born here doesn’t make us any better!” She looked at me.

“Lissi,” she said. “I know you’re attached to your girl from district five, but these people are district. They’re not like us.” Did she hear a word I said?

“Yeah, but don’t you think it isn’t fair? They’re all separated into their districts and forced to supply to us!” She looked me in the eyes.

“Lissi. I don’t know what this whole mentor thing is doing to you, but you’re becoming a rebel sympathizer. We don’t want another rebellion. You remember the war, right? It’s all for the good of Panem.” She said, and stood up.

“For Panem.” I said to myself grimly.

more authors notes hehe

so yea I think her sister is just so hard wired into the “Capitol is better districts are bad” mindset that she’s not gonna accept what Lissis saying. And Lissis realizing that maybe all of this was wrong and the district people aren’t so bad. I think Lissi starts just generally misled about everything as a Capitol citizen and like. Yea. It’s 12 am and sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I’ll probably edit this later. Also this is the prequel. And yes I know technically Sol is Iphigenia‘s tribute but. She’s not important. Even Coriolanus says she’s forgettable.

so yea I hope you like this
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