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Contest Grass, Fire, or Water?

Out of the three choices, I'd go with the water, since one of my top 5 favorite Pokemon is water - Dewott!! - but I also like other two types as well, lots of great looking Pokemon too. I also love water since two of my top 5 favorite moves are water types - Surf and Razor Shell.

Water would be my third favorite type, just behind Dark and Normal (in order) types.
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Fire. They generally look better, IMO. I've never picked a non-fire-type starter.
It all depends from generation to generation. I'm a huge fan of Oshawott and Dewott, but Samurott is baaaaaaaaaaad. So, I went with Tepig. I absolutely adore Chimchar. Torchic is cool as well. But, before that, I could go with Charmander/Squirtle and Cindaquil/Totodile
I chose fire because they're awesome! Then it is grass because they're awesome too, then it's water which i hate with a fiery passion there's just too many of them! If there was less then MAYBE i would like them a bit more but yeah water sucks
Fire is losing the poll!? Wow I've always thought Fire was like one of the most popular types ever along with dragon.

Anyways, I choose Water. They're easy to train and I always keep one on my team. Almost all of them learn Ice Beam (lolkeldeo) so they can deal with their weaknesses and a bunch of em learn Earthquake too. Best of all is, they're so damn cute. One does not simply look at Pokemon like Totodile, Surskit, Lanturn, Wooper, Tirtouga, Seel, Slowpoke and Psyduck and not go "awww". The only type with cuter Pokemon would be Bug. I do have complaints about them though and the main one is that they're awfully slow. None of the water starters pass 78 speed. What is this, GameFreak?

Next would be Grass because green is an awesome colour and I like a lot of their designs, especially the Snivy line. They're kinda hard to use, because there's bugs and birds and other grass types and poisonous bugs and Sewaddles everywhere and Grass-types have sucky movepools.

Fire is bland and boring to use and I don't like em :p
I'm really surprised Fire is losing in the poll, it always seems to be the most popular of the three... or so I thought.

Anyway, Grass all the way yo. Five great lines all with different potential. Fire is all mixed offence and speed (barring Emboar on the speed front), while Water is pretty much all bulky offence. Grass seems to have a great mix. Helps that I prefer all their designs aswell :p
The water-type has been my favorite ever since I was a child. I love a lot of the designs of water-types, plus they can learn the strongest and most useful HM moves; Surf and Waterfall.

Fire is my second favorite because a lot of fire-types are awesome design and stat wise, like my very first starter Chimchar, who was the only Sinnoh starter I found cute.

Grass has to be my least favorite. I like it in general and a lot of my starters have been grass-types, but it loses since it has so many weaknesses.
Grass and Water are my favourite of the three, and I can't decide between them so I'll have to go with both. Both types are conducive to a wide variety of different designs and conceptual bases, Grass has both the whole animal and plant kingdoms to play with, while aquatic animals are amazingly diverse. In comparison Fire types tend to be a bit boring, many are simply mammalian creatures on fire or capable of breathing fire, and while some a very cool most just aren't very interesting.

In battle Water types are unparalleled, with a great defensive typing, and good offensive coverage to boot. Interestingly, without rain Water is not as great offensively as it might seem because of the popularity of bulky waters, so in a way they're their own worst enemy! Despite having more resistances and fewer weaknesses than Grass, Fire is the worst type of the three defensively, as its weaknesses are cripplingly common and its resistance offer little utility, so they must rely heavily on their teammates for support. While they are very one-dimensional and don't have much else besides offence to offer their team, their sheer power alone makes them worth using. Grass is very underrated, as its good resistances compensate for its numerous weaknesses, and their attacks target common defensive types in exchange for poor coverage. Though far from the best type, they do surprisingly well with the few advantages that they have.
In the first games (Gen 1 and 2) I always choose water, because it's faster to raise. In later generations, it depends. I choose Grass in gens III and IV, and fire in gen V (because Emboar looks like Ganon from the first Zelda game, and it's also the only dual type starter in Gen V). Or Water if I want to advance quick.

Also, water types can learn Water pulse, that is one of the most annoying water moves I ever saw, and Surf, that is also very powerful.
I mostly go gen by gen as I dont have a specific type to blindly pick all the time. I tend to go more with grass and then water as I really dislike fire as a type. First gen definitely Bulbasaur who is also my favorite pokemon. Then Totodile. Then Treecko. Then Chimchar (best fire starter imo). Then Snivy.

I think people fell in love with the fire type because of Charmander (Charizard)
I'm more of a Grass person. Always have been, always will. It's not just the ease to train these Pokemon either, but just how awesome some of them are! n_n

...Aside from that though, a lot of them are pretty decent/good battling-wise despite their weaknesses, so yeah. :3
Water, as it is very balanced, and because I like all fully evolved Water-type starters barring Inteleon.
I generally go for either Grass or Fire types in terms of starter choices. Usually the starter designs and evos appeal to me for those types, though gen IV is the only one where I strictly preferred the Water starter whereas gen VI I preferred the Fire type only, and gen V I really liked all of them; then there's gen's VII and VIII where I didn't go for Fire (VII) and Grass (VIII).

As a type for other Pokemon in general, then I find myself usually preferring the Water type. Though I still like Grass and Fire types for other 'mons as well.
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