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Review HIS02: Fiery Reflections in Snow

Cast -

Alec - Chris Hackney
Young Alec - Lizzie Freeman
Father - Steve Kramer
Zorua/Zoroark - Rikako Aikawa

Additional Voices -

Laura Post
Daman Mills

Japanese Cast -

Alec (young) - Rie Kugimiya
Alec - Kōki Uchiyama
Alec's father - Rikiya Koyama
Zorua/Zoroark - Rikako Aikawa
Man - Shinnosuke Ogami

Noriaki Kanze
Kōsuke Tanabe
Shogo Sakata
Shinnojo Yamada
Kanako Takeuchi
Hina Natsume
Haruna Mikawa

@RetroPokeFan @BigDocFan
There isn't much of a story tbh. It felt like it took the entire episode for Alec to just stand up lol. Kind of a shame since there are so many interesting things they could have explored with the Hisui region and it's characters.

The ending is kind of interesting though with the space distortion and Volo cameo. At least it seems to take place in the same universe as the games.

Maybe they could have showed more of how Hisui has changed since Alec was a child.
I'm happy it was twice as long as episode one...but not happy at the pacing.

We get it. Pokemon and Humans were enemies back then. You can tell that story better without trying to be slow and atmospheric at the cost of losing viewers' interest...

Don't try to act like Ghibli with a series of shorts instead of a movie.
For me, Ep 1 and 2 had to be 1 full epiaode. It was straightforward indeed, the pause made it too predictable and it seems only now we can end the 1st ep and move forward to another.

Story yet to come, just a long intro.

I like the animation and colors though, and will watch ep 3.
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