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Archives How-to Request: Whatever you call the XY animated sprites?

I'm aware the wiki uses stills, but since I imagine the process is pretty much the same, I figured it was worth asking. How do I recreate something like this? More specifically I'm looking to recreate this, but the still would be a start.
Are you wanting to figure out how to dump 3DS sprites? (sorry if I'm not understanding this!)
Are you wanting to figure out how to dump 3DS sprites? (sorry if I'm not understanding this!)
(Would've replied sooner but I wasn't notified!)

I'm trying to figure out how I could emulate it in some sort of rendering software (Blender, or even SFM since I vaguely understand how to move bones in that accursed thing). Or how to record the animated ones in the same manner as Paraiso has updated, because I had the unfortunate idea to make a custom texture edit to the model proper, and manually editing every animated frame of a gif that wouldn't guarantee the same lighting and all is...tiring. I also figured it'd be nice to know anyways since I could do that with the Galar/Paldea dexes, since all I'm trying to do is recreate the visual style.

It all almost looks like it's recorded in wifi battles or the Pokédex screen, because of the shades of blue and such...but I'm hesitant to call it a video file edited and converted into a gif because the compression that'd usually be present isn't there??

Edit: just remembered I can also manually mod that in if I had to. My computer can run Citra, so I don't have to worry about recording hardware.
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