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How would you rank Serena's Freestyle Performances in Pokemon Showcase (Anime Pokemon XY and Z)?


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Dec 7, 2023
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In my opinion,

(Best to Worst)

1. Serena's Freestyle Performance in Fleurrh Showcase(3rd Win) (Best)
-I really loved the animations and Serena looks amazing with her Sylveon (and I love how before the performance, Sylveon was bad and Serena comforted her).
The animation is Amazing. The camerawork is also Superb! I love the culmination of that performance.

2. Serena's Freestyle Performance in Dendemille Showcase(1st Win)
-Not just for the performance but for the never give up till the end attitude against Jessie. The Performance itself is also Great.

3. Serena's Freestyle Performance in Couriway Showcase
-I liked the animations and how Serena was using Braixen's stick.
Even when Serena's Eevee made a mistake, Serena didn't give up and finished the performance. She has grown compared to the time of Coumarine Showcase.

4. Serena's Performance in Master Class Final(VS Aria)
-Even if I hate to watch it, for me this performance was decent. FlameFlower was good.
However, why did she lose…?

5. Serena's Freestyle Performance in Anistar Showcase(2nd Win)
-The performance wasn't as good as the others. As for Serena's Eevee's lost child uproar… Personally, I found it redundant

What is your opinion?


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