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Preview HZ008: The Secret of the Unopened Door

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I wonder if Dot is a hikikomori and she wears that costume to better express herself.
So what? Liko being "a little more important" than Roy doesn't diminish the fact that Roy is in fact a main character just like she is and it would be very much appreciated if you'd stop trying to downplay him at every possible opportunity. It's legitimately annoying.
They both have the same level of importance, as they are both the protagonists.

Well, he is a good character like all the characters in HZ. But there are facts and they are that Liko is a little more important: the opening about her, she always tells the story, we hear her thoughts more and the story is more around her. Maybe you just don't like it.
Mystery Kid is named "Dot". Only time will tell if that's short for something/a nickname.
She also happens to be Murdock's niece and is around the same age as Liko and Roy.

...Not making that up; that's directly from the Japanese dialogue in the previous episode.
I wonder how relevant Dot will be as a character, considering she is around the same age as the other two protagonists AND has a starter as her partner Pokemon. I feel like if she was some secret third protagonist, she would have had a bigger emphasis in the opening outside of the one shot of her in the costume, unless they just really wanted to hide her existence for only seven episodes for some reason.

Her being Murdock's niece is unexpected. I was suspecting her to be related to Ludlow, since he and Quaxly seem to get along.

Anyways, I hope her full introduction opens the door for more focus on Quaxly.

Also, Dot will totally meet Iono sometime, since Horizons already seems open to including SV characters such as Nemona and Brassius.
I saw someone point this out, but Dot seemingly predicted Roy's defeat. That, and she knew where Rayquaza went to. This is probably just analytics since she's the tech kid, but what if she's psychic? That could potentially explain her reclusive nature.
Gonna call it now: this episode will have Dot opening up to the rest of the crew, or at the very least enough to take part in the next weekly rap.
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