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Review HZ012: The Future I Choose

The theory of Liko mother as Pokegirl got destroyed after this episode aired. Also, look like another mystery of Ancient Pokeball revealed as being a hidden message from the Past to present. Titan Arboliva was once ordinary size before become so huge with the mystery character in the background. Where the sandstorm blocking the view. Don't know who he is. We will find out after all other nine Ancient ball obtain with one of the Explorers member, Spinel watching. Others, where the gang is helping to restore the burning forest it still alright.

Overall rating: C+
Another nice episode, in fact Horizons has been on a streak with great episodes recently.

We got to see Liko's mother and more of Spinel who will no doubt play a bigger part later to come and learned quite a few new things too.
Awesome episode! I really didn't expect the large amount of lore we got with the 6 heroes and the legendary trainer of the past. It also seems that this plot element will be connected with Liko's pendant and the new Pokémon. Overall, everything looks super interesting and it looks like the plot will really be picking up soon. The only negative for me was the fact that it appears that the Explorers will be coming back into the picture soon. I was greatly enjoying all of the episodes without them. The were easily the ones who brought down the pre-Paldea episodes for me, but oh well. Hopefully we can have constants breaks from them from time to time. I'm so happy to know that Liko and Roy will be heading to Galar soon and I really hope Galar will get a decent chunk of episodes focused on it, just like Paldea got. 9/10 from me.
Gee, an ancient hero with six giant Pokemon

Nice of them to finally remember Legends Arceus exists

Episode seems to show that the types are Dragon, Grass, Rock, Water, Flying, and one other non-explicit type to give themselves wiggle room
We're finally getting more lore for Liko and Roy's artifacts, and long with it, a more concrete goal for the both of them. They're currently trying to meet Liko's grandmother to get more information from her, and after that they'll likely go after the rest of the ancient adventurer's partner Pokemon. Speaking of which, I'm very curious about the other four Pokemon that were teased here, especially if there's the possibility of some of these Pokemon being entirely new ones that may appear in Scarlet/Violet's DLC.

Episode seems to show that the types are Dragon, Grass, Rock, Water, Flying, and one other non-explicit type to give themselves wiggle room
There were no hard confirmations regarding their types, just general descriptions of what each Pokemon did. But yeah, I think your predictions are mostly spot-on. Using the image you've given and going around clockwise:

The Pokemon that crossed seas: Most likely Water-type. Kinda looks like a Lapras here, but based on the other images in the episode, I don't think that's quite it.
The Pokemon that raced through the sky: Most likely Flying-type. It has a red bird-like silhouette, which makes me think it might be a Talonflame.
The Pokemon that galloped across the land: Unsure about this one. It looks like a quadruped furry beast with a greyish-brown silhouette. My best bet right now is a Hisuian Arcanine, but I don't think the fur quite matches here. The word "galloped" being used here also makes me think it might be a horse-like Pokemon (Mudsdale?), but again, the fur would be weird here.
The Pokemon that healed wounds: The Arboliva that we've seen in this episode.
The Pokemon that broke through walls: Also unsure about this one. Dragon seems likely, especially since it looks like it has wings, but at the same time it kinda looks like a bird too (no visible arms other than the wings). Not sure if there's any orangish-brown Pokemon that fit the silhouette here.

Putting the lore on the ancient Pokeballs aside, there were some other neat stuff in this episode too. We finally see the old man using a Pokemon, and Quagsire's definitely a fitting partner for him. Nice to finally see Liko's mom too, who seems to be well acquainted with Friede. And finally we're getting a sneak peek at the next Explorers member who will be tailing the crew. All in all, this was a nice episode that's building up for future events.
Their names. There seems to be an L theme here. Plus, Lucius means "light" while Lucca means "bringer of light". If her grandmother's name also starts with L, that will all but confirm it.
Makes sense, though I do wonder about Roy knowing the same story. Sure, he heard it from his grandfather, but when and where did he hear it?
The Pendant activates again and we get to see little Terapagos once more, as well as a mysterious message from an unknown figure. My assumption would be that it is Lucius, who we learn is the identity of the Ancient Adventurer, but you never know. They tell Liko & Roy to "find the world's"... something. Maybe the paradise that he supposedly found? We also learn that there are four other Pokemon belonging to Lucius out there and Roy seems determined to find them.

Speaking of, I wonder what Pokemon they are. One silhouette appears to be Lapras, as it is blue with a shell and horn on its head. Another seems to be either Talonflame or Moltres (though if he had other Legendaries, I assume it would be more well-documented).

Spinel finally starts to make his move for the Pendant and it seems that the Explorers make their way back into the picture. The Explorers just don't intrigue me the way the writers probably want them to. I wonder when Amethio will reappear since he got kicked off the mission (and when his probable team-change occurs). I wonder when we will meet the other shadowy admins we saw awhile back.

Landau is revealed to own a Quagsire and even Mollie says that she has never seen it before. I wonder what other secrets he is hiding.
Murdock becomes even more of a concerned parent.

We get to meet Liko's mother, Lucca, and learn that Liko's grandmother is currently in Galar, but that she is constantly travelling and therefore hard to find sometimes. Her being at an "old castle" makes me thing she is in Hammerlocke. Interested to see in how long they stay in Galar.

All in all, a pretty good episode.
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Too bad we didn't get to see more of Terapagos. I'm starting to get tired of Sprigatito and would like to see another Pokémon get focus.
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