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Review HZ018: Flying Pikachu, Soaring High!

Side note: I don't like how Liko saying that she wants to talk about Sprigatito with her mom the next time she sees her sounds like a death flag. I know it sounds weird using the term "death flag" when talking about the Pokemon anime, but uh... that's just the feeling that I got from the scene.
I felt the opposite about that bit. For me, the fact that this episode essentially presented that everything has been connected with Liko’s mom having essentially put the wheel in motion by introducing Friede to Cap, that Liko’s comment is to be taken as that when she me her mother again she’ll show her the fruits of her growth from the unsure little girl who needed protection to (hopefully) a confident, determined and strong Pokémon trainer.
Lucca is likely around 40 years old, while friede might be around his 20s . So She was Friede´s professor when she was around 30 , and she didnt have a daughter yet. Lusamine is also around her 40s , you cant really tell the difference betwen a 20 years old and 40 years old in an anime. Friede is from Kanto, so Charizard is his starter.
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