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Preview HZ019: The Truth About Mawhip

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Sep 16, 2010
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  1. He/Him
Screenplay 赤尾でこ (Deko Akao)
Episode Director ウヱノ史博 (Fumihiro Ueno)
Storyboard 尼野浩正 (Hiromasa Amano)
Animation Director 篠原隆 (Takashi Shinohara)

Title and Staff List courtesy of Dephender at Serebii, set to air August 25th
So it looks like we have some writers returning from Journeys joining the new writers.

Last time we saw Deko was with the Team Rocket radio episode that was pretty enjoyable.
Could be more backstory on Murdock and Dot, considering they’re related.

I hope we get a good amount episodes focusing on developing the other RVTs other than just our main few.
...Alcremie's goign to do more here than in Journeys, isn't it?
(no, I'm NOT counting an episode about a cake making contest that felt like it came from another show with a shoe-horned, short "battle" that was a waste of G-Max :mad: )
OMG, Alcremie episode! :bulbaLove: Alcremie is one of my Galar favs, so I'm glad she'll be getting a focus episode. I really hope this'll be a trend and the other Rising Volt Tackler Airship Pokémon will start getting their own focus episodes too. They really need more attention.
Summary courtesy of Dephender at Serebii

The group has arrived in the Galar region, where they decide to leave the conspicuous airship behind and travel by land to the old castle Liko's grandmother Diana is supposed to be in. However, since the train is currently out of service, they decide to spend some time in Engine City, where Liko and Roy head for the Battle Café alongside the Rising Volt Tacklers' cook Murdock. There, they encounter Mitchell, a former patissier colleague of Murdock's. And it seems the two have quite the history...?
Looking forward to seeing some of Murdock's back story.

And this is where Motostoke City finally gets to make it's proper anime debut as well (although it was briefly mentioned in an episode of Journeys).
Mollie got an (Albeit brief) thing earlier so that just leaves Orla and the ever mysterious Ludlow. (Granted this probably isnt the... only development they get, i would hope)
Ehhhh, not interested in seeing more of Murdock. I'm less interested in this episode now. Though Liko and Roy going to the Battle Cafe is interesting. Fingers crossed that can get a bit of screentime.
im happy to say at least the writers are trying to make supporting characters more fleshed out
Alcremie episodes seem to be Takashi Shinohara's bread and butter recently. Heh heh.

Looking forward to seeing Murdock getting a day in the spotlight.
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