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I made an AI vs AI Pokémon Tournament - The Great Indigo Plateau Tournament


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Aug 27, 2021
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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this - or if it's even allowed. But I wanted to share it!

I set up an AI vs AI Pokemon tournament, using the best trainers under the Indigo Plateau to see who is the best trainer across Kanto and Johto.

First a bit of background. While looking for ways to do this I came across this Pokemon Showdown bot, created by Pmariglia. So shout out to them, as this wouldn't have been possible with the work they had already done!

I got it set up, and had some issues making two instances of the bot fight each other. So after me and Pmariglia had a discussion over Discord, trying different things, it still didn't work! And then one day, it just did. For absolutely no reason it worked. So not wanting to tempt fate, I got it all set up, added and imported the teams, and set up the tournament.

The trainers used in this are all 16 gym leaders across Kanto and Johto. The Elite 4. Blue and Red. The teams are selected from their Black and White 2 world tournament appearance. As this is the only time all trainers have 6 Pokemon. Agatha's team is from the Let's Go games.

With the trainers selected, and the teams decided I put them all into this random tournament generator I found online, and this was the outcome. You will see that there are 8 trainers that have been given a bye to the next round.
Due to the tournament having 24 trainers, 8 needed an automatic bye for it to work out evenly. These 8 were randomly selected.

I should also state that I didn't know the outcome of any of these matches. When the bots fought each other, I had it set to save the replays. So if you watch the video you'll see live commentary of every game in the tournament. My friend Sam has jumped on to co-commentate. The bracket will be updated as we go along.

If anyone wishes to try this for themselves I have already posted a link to the bot above. Here is a .txt file with all the teams ready to be imported to Showdown.

I have added a very brief run down of who won each battle, for anyone that wants to see the results, along with a timestamp for the video if anyone wants to watch a specific battle. That being said the video will provide you with the replays if anyone wants to watch. The results are spoiler tagged.

I should also state that the AI isn't a replica of each characters AI in the games. This is just a bot playing how it things is best against the other bot.

Here is a video of the tournament. - AI vs AI Pokemon Tournament! - Who is the Strongest Gym Leader? The Great Indigo Plateau Tournament. (The embedded video doesn't seem to work)


Round One

Red vs Morty -
Morty Wins.
- 01:56

Blue vs Koga -
Blue Wins.
- 04:30

Misty vs Pryce -
Pryce Wins.
- 06:57

Giovanni vs Janine -
Janine Wins.
- 10:03

Erika vs Blaine -
Blaine Wins.
- 13:30

Karen vs Will -
Karen Wins.
- 14:54

Bruno vs Clair -
Clair Wins.
- 17:01

Falkner vs Lance -
Lance Wins.
- 19:00

Round Two

Whitney vs Morty -
Whitney Wins.
- 20:33

Jasmine vs Blue -
Blue Wins.
- 23:23

Brock vs Pryce -
Pryce Wins.
- 25:56

Lt. Surge vs Janine -
Lt Surge Wins.
- 28:47

Bugsy vs Blaine -
Blaine Wins.
- 30:28

Sabrina vs Karen -
Karen Wins
. - 32:22

Chuck vs Clair -
Clair Wins.
- 33:40 (My personal fight of the tournament)

Agatha vs Lance -
Lance Wins.
- 37:32


Whitney vs Blue -
Blue Wins.
- 39:46

Pryce vs Lt. Surge -
Lt. Surge Wins.
- 41:51

Blaine vs Karen -
Blaine Wins.
- 43:41

Clair vs Lance -
Lance Wins.
- 45:31


Blue vs Lt. Surge -
Lt. Surge Wins.
- 47:22

Blaine vs Lance -
Lance Wins.
- 49:11


Lt. Surge vs Lance -
Lance Wins.
- 52:02
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