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I think Paldea might be based on Spain alone with some Portugal references.


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Nov 21, 2022
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Hi!, this is my first post here, also sorry in advance for my english.

Well now to the title, why do I think this? Well looking at the map I believe Portugal has been eaten by Andalusia and what I think might be an oversized Galician coast.
The city on the west called Porto Marinada feels to be based around Vigo, but with Portugal architechtonic references due to proximity and the relationship between Portugal and Galicia. Curiosly people from Vigo are sometimes called Portuguese by people from Coruña, the province above Pontevedra (province were Vigo is located). Vigo is a city mostly based around it's port, having actually the biggest fishing port in Europe. The city also references visually a city in Portugal, Costa Nova. The inhabitants seem to use spanish words though!
Now the next city that might hide a Portugal reference is Cascafarra, wich seems to reference Mérida in Spain but with a portuguese feeling, it has a similarity to the town of Porto Covo, south of Portugal.
Now why would an interior city that seems to reference an Extremaduran city also have certain portuguese style to it, well, because Mérida was the capital of Lusitania!, yes, the ancient capital of the roman province that would become Portugal (they are called lusos after all) is in Extremadura, Spain.
Coming back to the geography, Portuguese geography has bees mostly erased, only maybe a reference to the Nazare cape remains. But it still clearly feels like the end of the galician coast.
Now to my point, there is no reference to portuguese food, I did not see a single reference to cod or to the famous "pasteis de nata", castillian is spoken everywhere and the hints to Portugal seem to be quite diluted in two cities that seem to be based on quite "portugalized" spanish cities/territories already.
Now I want you to look at the Galician coast and see what I'm talking about, how it seems that they moved Andalusia towards Galicia and the particular Galician coast shape now seems occupy what would be a good chunk of portuguese territory, also, the cape in in the south-west to me is clearly Punta-Tarifa and not Portuguese territory as some think.
As for the name of the region why wouldn't GF choose a more neutral name if they were to base the region on both countries? Aldea is only village in spanish, it's aldeia in portuguese.

Now my question is, are these architectonic references in two cities to Portugal enough to say Paldea is based in Portugal also? Is galar partially based on latin America/New mexico because Stow-on-side has a spanish colonial city feeling?
To me the geography, name, cultural references etc make me believe GF based the region around Spain and added cultural references to portugal just like how a region based around southern Kalos in the future could include spanish architecture to denote the proximity and relationship between the two territories.

What do you think?


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