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Indonesia to launch monthly Pokémon Card Day events alongside Paradoks Andalan on March 29th - Indonesia Regional to be held on Bali on April 20th

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Hari Kartu Pokémon
The official Pokémon Trading Game website for Indonesia has announced the launch of a monthly Hari Kartu Pokémon (Pokémon Card Day) event. These new monthly events will take place on the last Friday of each month starting March 29th, the same day as the release of the Indonesian-exclusive Paradoks Andalan (Ace Paradox) set, which combines the Japanese Wild Force and Cyber Judge expansions into a single set.

Moving forward, it is intended that all future product releases, announcements, promotions, events, etc for Pokémon TCG products in Indonesia will be held together with the monthly Hari Kartu Pokémon event.
Dropping alongside this first Hari Kartu Pokémon event is the launch of a new line of new Poké Ball and Master Ball Mirror Holo promotional cards. Fans will be able to acquire these by attending events such as New Expansion Championships events. The first three cards getting this treatment will be released on the following dates.
An additional 9 yet to be announced cards will also be receiving this promotional card treatment over the next year.

The next Indonesia Pokémon Regional League tournament will be held in Bali on April 20th. This will be a 1 day tournament, with Swiss Rounds and Top-Cut Rounds all being held on the same date.

Indonesian Latias 126/SV-P
All competitors entering this tournament will receive a special Latias promotional card. This card was released in Japan as a Holofoil SV-P Promotional card and was available as an insert in the January 2024 issue of CoroCoro Ichiban!, released on November 21st, 2023. The Japanese print features the CoroCoro Ichiban! logo in the bottom right corner of the artwork. This Indonesian release features the Indonesia Regional League logo in the bottom right corner of the artwork. As of the time of writing, no English release of this card has yet been announced.
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