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Preview JN107: Help, Big Brother Wanpachi!

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They have finally decided to acknowledge Wanpachi's role in Eevee's debut/capture.

I am really interested in this episode.
Sibling dynamics between characters on the same team is something I love in any series.
Can't say I am looking forward to this one. Yamper has always been boring to me (as most Pokémon relegated to being house pets are) and unless it gets to evolve in this episode, it barking while getting into hijinks with Eevee (a la Eevee and Grookey struggle to cross a road) doesn't seem particularly engaging. If we get some Chloe development though along with this, that would be swell.
OK, so now Yamper is a big brother after like 100 episodes of not appearing? This show really could have used less fillers with all the development they had to shuffle.
Anybody else reminded of Ash's Bulbasaur with Yamper's role of overseer of Cerise Park? Anyway, can't really say I care too much about this episode one way or another. Like, Yamper hasn't had focus in so long I'll bet some people forgot it even existed. I mean, it's good it's getting focus, but this late? (Plus, it's the Cerise Lab, which I don't care about, owned by Professor Cerise, whom I also don't care about, and finally inhabited by the Pokemon belonging to Mr. living embodiment of Pokemon Go-whom I really don't care about. And oh wow, Suicune's here too I guess. Weeeee. :cautious:)
So they didn’t euthanise Yamper, good to know.
Jesus Christ, that's kinda dark. :oops:
OK, so now Yamper is a big brother after like 100 episodes of not appearing? This show really could have used less fillers with all the development they had to shuffle.
Better yet, it could have done with no fillers at all, since 95% of them sucked to high hell anyway.
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Yamper being the overseer of Sakuragi Park is interesting because I don't think we've ever actually seen Yamper inside Sakuragi Park

Up until this point I always kinda figured Golurk took over that role
Golurk? Who's that? (I'm kidding.) In all seriousness, though, I'm curious-is there anyone who actually cares about Cerise Park and Goh's Pokemon "zoo" that lives there? (That's what they feel like to me.) I mean, we never see them, so it's hard to care about them. Same thing goes for Yamper- I agree with Alola, Yamper's pretty boring, sorry to say. I mean, it's more like a real-world dog than a Pokemon most of the time; I don't want to watch a Pokemon be somebody's house pet. Not when it's a Pokemon and has incredible powers and is definitely not a real-world dog.
Goh's Pokemon "zoo"
Gou's Personal Collection, like Gelardan's as someone pointed once, you mean.

Nope, I don't care about any of those Pokemon/Living Props.

I am willing to give Wanpachi a chance, though.
But not feeling really optimistic at what the staff have planned.
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