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Preview JN132: The Finals IV: "Partner"

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I mean, can’t it be both? Leon can be confident enough in his abilities that he could handle the three gimmicks, AND want to entertain the crowd AND face off against new things he hasn’t dealt with before (the Z-Move). All the explanations seem in character.
And also special move set directly straight from Gen 7. That never replace it current move set. That is about to be occurs this Friday. That turns the tide for Ash to won. Lucky seven and last top 8 to upset all 3 champion and get W. Also, Leon should have get rid of Pikachu in first place. Now, it too late.

Maybe this Ash win and new life with wife ... . ... - enter girl's name
Or Maybe new adventure in Paldea with him and training at a school for Champions.
Or Maybe new adventure in Paldea with his kid.
Or Maybe new adventures continue with Alternate Ash in Paldea.
My guesses will be soft reboot like Gen 5 of Black and White series. Which will be even worse than that anime series to come. Except took place in Paldea. Unless, they can come out with something else that interesting us. Speaking of that, get ready for that worse generation remake to be release next year.

And no, they won't replace Ash as it is impossible since it since he is the mascot of the main anime series. If you remove that, people won't be interested to watch anymore.
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Staff list for this episode thanks to Dephender:

Screenplay 冨岡淳広 (Atsuhiro Tomioka)
Storyboard 冨安大貴 (Daiki Tomiyasu)
Episode Director 大賀まこと (Makoto Oga)
Episode Director 森山愛弓 (Ayumi Moriyama)
Animation Director 安田周平 (Shuhei Yasuda)

Shuhei for the most part this season has only acted as a character designer and did some animation opening wise so it's nice to see them as a animation director again.
Tomorrow we'll see if this boy becomes a man.
Of course, Ash is going to be the man. Otherwise, all that special preview, the blessing from Alola and also the allowing of three power up/move set against Leon for what?

For Ash to lose and cause fan to go ablaze for the repeat of Kalos controversy? Ash is definitely going to win with the power of rainbow directly straight from Gen 7 as lucky seven prepare to handle Leon first lost ever.
This week has felt longer than usual. This episode will have big implications going forward on what the anime plans to do with Ash’s character, as he is simply too strong now. It’s also cathartic seeing all of these cameos and callbacks throughout Journeys, and this episode feels like the culmination of everything Ash has been through in multiple ways. Tomorrow can’t get here fast enough.
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