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Preview JN142: And We're Looking at the Same Moon!

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Tsutarja without Emonga is like having Cabernet without Langley: Feeling unfinished.
Really wish Snivy used Attract during its battle with Cameron's Lucario, even if Lucario was confirmed Female, it would have made the battle a bit more believable as Attract would have been a surprise
Agreed, and I know I've said this before, but she definitely should've evolved during that battle too.
Is it too late to hope for an evolution?
Nope. In fact, I still hold onto hope that she might. Don't give up hope till the very end, for there's always a chance.
Glalie when?

At this point i am starting to worry Snorunt/Glalie was only caught to fill that sixth Pokemon slot in Hoenn.
There's still a chance Glalie could appear in any of the coming episodes with an important role. Don't get discouraged.
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In my opinion, it is a bit too late for one of Ash's Pokemon to evolve.
Though I respect your opinion, I have to ask: why? Torracat evolved at the very end of the Sun and Moon series, with only a few episodes left for it to appear in its fully evolved form. True, that's probably not the best example, seeing as how, in large part because of that, Incineroar didn't even get to use a move for over 140 episodes. However, this is the end of Ash's time as the MC. It's not like we'll (probably) be seeing his Pokemon anymore after this anyway. (God, that's a sad sentence I just wrote. Never forget any of you guys, Ash and all your Pokemon! :cry:) In short, why not let them get a last-minute evolution? It'd be something exciting to see before the end.
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