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LEAST favorite pokemon of each type?


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Aug 2, 2023
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  1. He/Him
precisely what the title says. what is your least favorite pokemon of each type?
for me:

normal: watchog. maybe it's a generic answer, but... you know those pokemon that are so ugly they loop back around to being cute? to me, watchog is so ugly it's just ugly.
fighting: conkeldurr. read above.
flying: ...delibird has always freaked me out and i really don't know why.
poison: i feel like this is one of the more appealing types to me overall, but gloom. vileplume is at least cute enough to make up for it.
ground: either diggersby or mudsdale i guess.
rock: ah... you should know, when you see a rock type it's safer to assume i dislike rather than like it, but terrakion is definitely one of the worst ones to me, if not the worst. stonjourner is a close second.
bug: armaldo. one of the only bugs in the series i dislike.
ghost: gh*ldengo
steel: same as above, but also lucario (...it being a steel type in the first place is still a bit silly to me. i know that topic has been well-worn, but still.)
fire: another of my lesser types... cinderace is the most egregious to me, though, out of them.
water: ..inteleon or greninja. i can't tell.
grass: gloom again. the grass types i don't like are few and far between.
electric: pichu. maybe the easiest pick here so far.
psychic: super worn answer but hypno. that mon is laughably unappealing to me.
ice: yeah, still delibird.
dragon: uhh shelgon i guess? this is another pretty solid type...
dark: thievul. i went into swoshi blind and actually sighed in disappointment when my nickit evolved.
fairy: once again, very few of these i dislike... part of me is tempted to say mr. mime or cleffa, but ultimately probably the flabebe line minus floette (which i find endearing admittedly mostly due to xy).

remember to stay respectful of other people's opinions and to not take any jabs at pokemon themselves too seriously!
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Normal: Squawkabilly
Fighting: Urshifu
Flying: Dragonite
Poison: Gengar
Ground: Garchomp
Rock: Coalossal
Bug: Armaldo
Ghost: Gholdengo
Steel: Lucario
Fire: Charizard
Water: Quaquaval
Grass: Simisage
Electric: Zeraora
Psychic: Alakazam
Ice: Jynx
Dragon: Goodra
Dark: Thievul
Fairy: Florges
Normal: Smeargle - Heavily dislike. One of the most annoying Pokémon ever.
Fighting: Koraidon - Hate. I will not get into it.
Flying: Spearow - Ehhhh. It's... uh... not the worst Pokémon on this post.
Poison: Eternatus - Hate. Genuinely feel the games would have been better off without it or its entire concept existing. It should have been scrapped for something else.
Ground: Alolan Diglett - Eh.
Rock: Stonjourner - lol. If this is my least favorite Rock-type, Rock-types are great.
Bug: Rabsca - Screw Revival Blessing :(
Ghost: Marshadow - I will never bring myself to not hate this Pokémon I'm sorry.
Steel: Galarian Meowth - Eh? I just found out it was a Steel-type when searching for a Steel-type to place here. I don't think Meowth needed this regional forme.
Fire: Incineroar - Heavily hate its design
Water: Quaquaval - Hate its design and animation.
Grass: Sunflora - The single biggest disappointment of an evolution.
Electric: Miraidon - Hate. I will not get into it.
Psychic: Flittle - One of the worst things I have laid eyes at in Pokémon, alongside its evolution.
Ice: Baxcalibur - Eh. Kinda don't like its design.
Dragon: Roaring Moon - I'm not accepting this Pokémon. Heavily dislike.
Dark: Liepard - Dislike. One of the most annoying Pokémon ever.
Fairy: Enamorus - Kinda just upset it exists under the circumstances it did. It felt forced and unnecessary.
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Normal: Gumshoos
Fighting: Buzzwole
Flying: Enamorus
Poison: Toxtricity
Ground: Seismitoad
Rock: Probopass
Bug: Pinsir
Ghost: Gholdengo
Steel: Alolan Dugtrio
Fire: Turtonator
Water: Quaquaval
Grass: Amoonguss
Electric: Alolan Golem
Psychic: Bruxish
Ice: Jynx
Dragon: Kommo-o
Dark: Alolan Muk
Fairy: Tapu Bulu
Interesting thread.

Normal : Yungoos or Purugly.
Fighting : Sneasler.
Flying : The 4 forces of nature in their therian forms.
Poison : Revavroom and Galarian Weezing.
Ground : Galarian Stunfisk.
Rock : Probopass (It'd look ok without that mustache).
Bug : Orbeetle, Rellor and Rabsca.
Ghost : Houdstone.
Steel : Necrozma Dusk Mane.
Fire : Iron Moth and Scovillain.
Water : Inteleon, Brionne and Primarina.
Grass and Dark : Meowscarada.
Electric : Alolan Golem and Raging Bolt.
Psychic : Swoobat, Mr. Rime, Farigiraf and Iron Leaves.
Ice : Walrein.
Dragon : Appletun.
Fairy : Zacian Crowned.
Normal: Bidoof. Just from overexposure. I find it unfunny and over-memed on.
Fighting: Conkeldurr. Gotta concur with Berry on this one, it's straight-up unappealing.
Flying: Tropius. It's just really forgettable. I don't hate it, but it's hard to like a mon when you keep forgetting that it exists.
Poison: Stunky line. Maybe it's my sense of humor.
Ground: Diggersby or Ursaluna. There's a lot of Ground-types I don't like design-wise, honestly.
Rock: Klawf. It's goofy in a bad way. (Why does it have nose hair......) Also its cry is so loud and annoying.
Bug: Ledyba or Rellor. This was so hard to pick, I love all the bugs ;__; Ultimately Ledyba looks too childish and Rellor has that face.
Ghost: Basculegion. Again, I love almost all the ghosts, this is just the one I love least.
Steel: Galarian Meowth and Perrserker. They just...feel wrong.
Fire: Magby line. They all have something weird about their designs.
Water: Hero Palafin. Whose idea was this??
Grass: Sunkern line. Something about their faces...
Electric: Bellibolt.
Psychic: Smoochum line. I'm usually okay with humanoid Pokémon but these are a bit too humanoid.
Ice: Frigibax and Baxcalibur. I still despair that this is a real, official pseudo-legendary.
Dragon: Also Baxcalibur.
Dark: Kingambit. Nothing about this evolution was necessary. Just like Baxcalibur, I hate that it's an official Pokémon that I'll have to accept and live with from here on out.
Fairy: Slurpuff. Swirlix is cute, but this design just doesn't work for me.
  • Normal: Ambipom - I already hated Aipom and this one just Aipom but worse
  • Fighting: Buzzswole - I get that it's a funny meme one like 'Hahaha super buff and swole mosquito' but I also hate mosquitos and the meme isn't even funny
  • Flying: Spearow - This one is just cuz they're just boring to me.
  • Poison: Stunky - Farting is funny right??? (Not in this case it ain't)
  • Ground: Hippowdown - I'm sorry I have just never liked this one from the day I first saw it.
  • Rock: Proboposs - It's that 'mustache' that really does it. Get a shave!
  • Bug: Buzzswole, again
  • Ghost: Tie between Blacephalon and Gholdengo - I actually like most Ghost-types but these two!!!! I want them both eliminated.
  • Steel: Gholdengo, again
  • Fire: Blacephalon (again) and Incineroar - I will never forgive them for ruining a cute little kitty cat like Litten like this. (Deadass I never evolved my Litten in my old Pokémon Moon save file past a Torracat because of how much I hate Incineroar)
  • Water: Quaquaval - I just don't like their design.
  • Grass: Sunflora - MORE LIKE SHITFLORA. No but seriously their design makes me uncomfortable for some reason and their cry in the games actually hurts my ears.
  • Electric: Boltund - This is just another one where I don't like the design. Yamper is so cute and then Boltund is just...it's just that.
  • Psychic: Mr. Mime and Jynx - I'm someone who usually doesn't mind human-like Pokémon (I mean I love Gardevoir) but these two? Just no.
  • Ice: Cryogonal and Jynx (again) - I just don't like them
  • Dragon: Kingdra - This is one sort of like Sunflora where just something about Kingdra's design makes me uncomfortable so I don't like them because of it.
  • Dark: Stunky, again
  • Fairy: A three-way tie between Mr. Mime, Galarian Weezing, and the Impidimp line - Fairy-types are seriously some of my faves but I can't stand these ones.
Normal: Greedent-fugly kleptomaniac squirrel, I don't understand why TPCi loves it so much.
Fighting: Gurrdurr-very uncomfortable to see.
Flying: Iron Jugulis-See Dark for details.
Poison: Zubat-Pre gen 5 caves still give me nightmares.
Ground: Dugtrio-very uninspired and boring evo for something that receives too much love.
Rock: Probopass-the concept was interesting but they just chose the ugliest proportions ever
Bug: Scatterbug-why did it had to be sooo...simple and graceless?
Ghost: Hisuian Typhlosion-nothing justifies such a derpy look.
Steel: Klang-it's whole family goes from meh to worse, but this one is extremely unnecessary
Fire: Magmortar-everything looks extremely poor drawn and unnatural
Water: Floatzel-go be smug somewhere else and leave my Platinum team alone :cry:
Grass: Toedscool-The way it runs is not funny, sorry. And even if it was, it's just a friggin' brown Tentacool!
Electric: Alolan Golem-that mustache is hideous, so hideous it was my most disliked Pokemon for a while.
Psychic: Woobat-not a fan of the shaggyness.
Ice: Cryogonal-such a cool concept wasted on an angry shield that for some reason appears in almost every regional dex.
Dragon: Goodra-Goomy did not deserve to evolve into a simple dinosaur.
Dark: Hydreigon-Very boring execution of an hydra, it looks unnecesarily evil.
Fairy: Aromatisse-Very ugly looking.
normal: ursaluna. i don't think i realized how ugly this thing is until i actually went through the normal types. i actually like a lot of normal types, the ones i don't commit the crime of just being kinda boring. but oh my god, ursaluna looks disgusting, and so does blood moon. it looks like it needs to be put out of its misery.
fire: scovillain. nothing will compare to the sheer amount of disappointment i had when i saw the first grass/fire pokemon. it looks so bad i sometimes forget that it wasn't some sort of shitpost. the two mishapen heads connected to a body that looks like a kids show mascot by two thin vines? what the fuck.
water: bruxish. yes i know the irl fish looks just like that, but it still looks ugly as hell. and what's with the lipstick and sharp teeth? makes it look way more sinister.
grass: zarude. congratulations on being the worst mythical by a mile! not only does it represent the trend of mythicals just feeling way more boring and less special as generations go on (gen 9 is kinda remedying this), but it also looks just awful. with old mythicals, i could immediately tell you their deaal and role in the universe. jirachi grants wishes! celebi time travels! what does zarude do? i couldn't tell you.
electric: alolan golem. i'm so glad that gen 8 got way better with the regional forms. looking back at the alolan ones with hisuian and galarian ones existing is like night and day. so many alolan forms feel so silly. like look at this one! it got eyebrows and a taser on its back! golem was already a pokemon i disliked, but this just makes it even more stupid.
ice: jynx. probably the most normie option on this list. everything about it looks so bad. also, imagine making a pokemon so bad that people call it racist. jesus christ.
fighting: lucario. i have gone on many a tangent about how this whole entire pokemon is a let down and a disappointment. why is it steel type. why is it based on anubis even though it has nothing to do with anubis. why is game freak obsessed with this thing.
poison: golbat. i wanted to put okidogi under here. i really did. but nothing stuck with me more than trying to navigate meteor falls in emerald and constantly being harassed by these things everytime i took a step. i got out of there with half my team poisoned and the other half dead. it was a bad time.
ground: diggersby. wow, this thing is massively unappealing. i wonder if game freak purposely makes some really ugly pokemon to counteract the otherwise really solid lineup in kalos.
flying: charizard. my hatred for charizard has waned over the years. when i was younger even looking at this thing would piss me off. i'm not that angry at it anymore. but it still does represent game freak's blatant favoritism for gen 1, which still gets under my skin a lot.
psychic: munkidori. oh my god. i honestly think this might be the worst design game freak's ever made.
bug: beedrill. it's honestly only because i've had a lifelong fear of bees, and thinking of a bee that big with drills for hands is kind of a terrifying concept for me.
rock: coalossal. the rolycoly line is one of game freak's biggest missed opportunities. we could've had a super cool train pokemon. but no, we have this.
steel: gholdengo. i don't care that they're supposedly super nice and fun. it looks hideous. it looks like a string cheese mascot.
dragon: eternatus. the gen 8 storyline was not good. the eternatus twist was not good. the eternatus design doesn't look good either. gen 8 had the worst legendaries, i honestly only like spectrier.
dark: poochyena. similar to golbat, this is because of a personal vendetta i have. getting constantly swaggered and confused when i'm just trying to get to mt pyre was not fun.
steel: melmetal. did we really need this? no. no we didn't. meltan should've stayed like it was.
fairy: enamorus. i never liked the forces of nature, they always looked silly. and i really wish they sticked to the concept of like. actual nature concepts instead of being making one for love. i get that this is pokemon and they always have a thing about love and friendship, but this was just silly. and it also looks hideous.
normal: patrat/watchog aaaah the eyes they’re so creepy!!

Fighting: conckeldurr I-i don’t like the way it looks at me…

Flying: vullaby The egg diaper thing is just NO

Poison: alolan muk the Colours…I like the original one much more

Ground: seismatoad again, the way it looks at me creeps me out

Rock: rhyperior this one was surprisingly hard

Bug: skorupi It annoyed me so much appearing everywhere in bdsp

Ghost: sableye it doesn’t look like a ghost imo

Steel: galarian meowth my least fave of the meowths

Fire: Chi-yu it’s just a fish

Water: tympole no no no no

Grass: rillaboom why does that exist it’s the worst

electric: thundurus ig i had to pick one

psychic: espartha I just don’t rlly like it

Ice: frigibax it just exists?

dragon: raging bolt why’d they turn raikou into a giraffe T-T

dark: scrafty I don’t like it

fairy: aromatisse eh it’s alright but not great
Oh wow I didn’t know that…that got very dark
Normal: Watchog, ugly, creepy and has bad stats.
Fighting: Conkeldurr, it is slow and hideous.
Flying: Bombirdier, it is ugly, and its habit of throwing rocks at people and Pokemon is just sickening.
Poison: Swalot, looks hideous, and its only decent stat is HP.
Psychic: Hypno, it is creepy (especially the Dex entries), slow and can't hit hard.
Dark: Scrafty, ugly and doesn't hit all that hard before setting up.
Ghost: Palossand, boring design, and the signature Ability is rather disappointing.
Fairy: Shiinotic, creepy and ugly.
Steel: Bastiodon, ugly and has no attacking power whatsoever.
Rock: Stonjourner, bland and uninspired.
Ground: Diggersby, looks hideous.
Water: Dracovish (do I really need to explain why?)
Ice: Arctovish (see above)
Electric: Arctozolt (see above)
Dragon: Dracozolt (see above)
Fire: Turtonator, it is ugly, and its Ability is disappointing.
Grass: Cacturne, creepy and annoying in a sandstorm.
Bug: Kleavor, ugly and dumb-looking.
Ooh... I have a few. Let's see...

Normal: Lickitung. The tongue... I don't like it. :sadsola:
Fighting: Unfortunately, the Tepig line doesn't offer anything new to me. I find the later evolutions hideous and after three gens of fire/fighting it got tiresome.
Flying: Zubat is the bane of my existence after encountering so many of them in HG.
Poison: Garbodor. It has such an ugly design, plus we already have the Grimer line as the garbage Pokemon.
Psychic: Calyrex. No, just no.
Bug: Wormadan. Don't like worms...
Dark: I suppose Mandibuzz doesn't catch my fancy. Like I don't hate it, I just don't care for it.
Water: Dondozo, annoying encountering it in Casseroya Lake every time I explore it.
Fire: Heatran. Which sucks because I love its theme, but the design... bleh.
Grass: Applin looks so weird. Appletun is decent at least.
Electric: Dracozolt. Absolutely hideous. I detest how its proportions are.
Rock: Lileep, but I like Cradily.
Ghost: Houndstone, I guess. I like dogs but not this one.
Ground: Sandaconda. I like the premise just not the design.
Steel: Perrserker. Meowth didn't need another form, imo. Persian was fine as is, but Perrserker was unnecessary.
Fairy: Impidimp. Though, I appreciate it breaking the mold for fairy types in terms of appearance.
Ice: Avalugg. Just don't like it.
Dragon: I love Dragon types but I can't stand the Dreepy line. I hate how smug the later evos look, so punchable, lol.
Normal: Watchog
Fighting: Falinks
Flying: Minior
Poison: Revavroom
Ground: Dugtrio (both forms)
Rock: Carbink
Bug: Shuckle
Ghost: Polteageist
Steel: Klinklang
Fire: Turtonator
Water: Wugtrio
Grass: Cherrim
Electric: Electrode
Psychic: Hypno
Ice: Jynx
Dragon: Duraludon
Dark: Skuntank
Fairy: Mr. Mime
These tend to shift around in the same way that my favorites do, but generally...

:C: Normal: Wooloo. To me it's the textbook definition of a plain, marketable, cutesy animal Pokémon... which I just do not find interesting whatsoever.
:R: Fire: Salazzle. I'm creeped out. ._.
:W: Water: Swanna or Lanturn, maybe? They're nothing too bad, but nothing memorable either and not anywhere on par with their preevos.
:G: Grass: Tsareena. The amount of humanoid plant Pokémon we have is getting tiresome and this was about the point where I started to get extremely bored of them.
:L: Electric: Zeraora. I like the concept on display here, but in typical Mythical Pokémon fashion, I do not like the execution. :( Cool shiny at least.
:F: Fighting: Kommo-o. Overdesigned and oddly forgettable to me, plus it's a combination of two of my least favorite types. And that has to be one of the most terrible shinies I ever did see.
:C: Flying: Squawkabilly. It's not the worst but it's almost too silly. I can't take it seriously.
:P: Poison: Toxel/Toxtricity. Those weird, froggy, muppetlike proportions have never sat right with me.
:F: Ground: Rhyhorn. I never particularly loved it in the first place but I think Kalos Route 9 gave me a permanent aversion to the thing.
:F: Rock: Coalossal. What a huge downgrade from cute little Rolycoly!
:G: Bug: Rellor. I have a fear of IRL insects but this is the only Bug-type to ever truly hit a nerve with me as being "too buggy". And its face is so, so unpleasant.
:P: Ghost: Polteageist. It just feels like a very uninspired idea for a Ghost-type, and food-based Pokémon are not my favorite design trope as it is.
:P: Psychic: Indeedee. I have no idea why they annoy me so much but I can't stand them lol. Meowstic did it better.
:W: Ice: Frigibax. Its evolutions are somewhat of an improvement, but this one's design is very strange and incohesive to my eye.
:N: Dragon: Goodra. I actually used to like it quite a bit back in Gen 6 but I'm just sick of seeing it now. Also Kingdra, because it genuinely terrified me when I was a kid for some reason.
:D: Dark: Kingambit. my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
:M: Steel: Tinkatink/tuff/ton. I know a lot of people like this line but I seriously cannot understand the appeal of it at all, I'm sorry. T_T
:Y: Fairy: Enamorus. It really sticks out amongst the Forces of Nature and I dunno why they felt the need to add it to the trio.
Normal: Glameow. it's just lame to me.
Fire: Charcadet. it's boring and ugly, it was very obviously created by taking its evolutions and just making a baby form of them.
Water: Quilfish I guess? it's hard because there's no water types I actively dislike but there are plenty with designs I just don't find very interesting or appealing, but it's hard to pick one out of those.
Grass: Calyrex. he looks so stupid it's kind of funny
Electric: Bellibolt. Bellibolt's design has a lot of potential and I want to like it, but it's just.... not very thought out. like why is its belly grey??? it looks less like a pokemon and more like a cheap plastic toy.
Ground: Silicobra. it's fine just doesn't really appeal to me
Rock: Carcoal. another design that just feels weird and not really thought out
Ice: Glastrier. once again just feels like it had very little effort put into it.
Steel: I kind of feel like it's cheating to use a gimmick form here but Gigantamax Copperaja oh my god. the Copperaja line has never been my favorite but. ough.
Poison: Drapion. it's always just felt like a really weird design to me.
Fighting: Pawmot. I get the feeling that a lot of people tend to hate it but god it is so bland. it looks like an annoying shonen protagonist.
Flying: probably Cramorant. it sure is there I guess but there's not much more I can say about it. I do not think about Cramorant.
Psychic: Jynx and Smoochum for obvious reasons.
Dark: tie between Thievul and Morpeko. Thievul looks stupid and Morpeko feels so horrifically marketable and it just makes me think of that thing from Danganronpa.
Ghost: Gholdhengo.
Fairy: Milcery. just meh.
Dragon: Bagon. looks weird and have never really liked it.
Bug: Volbeat/Illumise. they're just. weird to me???
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