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Manaphy Mission Code

I want to discuss the aftermath of mission, I guess I'll use spoilers...

Don't read the spoiler if you don't want to know the ending of the Manaphy mission.

I really like how this mission can kind of bring closure to the Manaphy mission is a very good way to end this game, and also does a good job of revealing "the path to Diamond and Pearl". It may be clichéd, but I don't think something like this has happened before in any Pokémon game.

Can a English Ranger trade Manaphy to the Japanese Pearl?

Anyway, damn Yugioh GX Spirit Caller has all my attention, so I haven't been playing Ranger. :( Good thing this code doesn't have a time limit.
No, you can't transfer a Manaphy egg from English Ranger to Japanese Diamond or Pearl. People have tried already and failed. The games just won't recognize each other.
Heh, the actual mission really bored me. They talked way too much at the beginning. :p
Ah, well, atleast I don't feel rushed to beat Ranger and get the code.
I agree with the whole thing about too much text. It took me twice as long to go through it all than it did for me to actually get the egg.
I wonder if I can use the code again if I transfer the egg and restart the game. No reason I can't try. :writes down the code on a post-it note:
I wonder if I can use the code again if I transfer the egg and restart the game. No reason I can't try. :writes down the code on a post-it note:

The way I understand it, Ranger can send as many Manaphy eggs as you want (as long as you complete the mission for each egg you obtain) - but each Diamond and Pearl game can only receive one egg.
i was gonna name my mannaphy bugicereal but nah :) i got he egg im waiting for english dimond and pearl to come out - james bond music -

-_- im on the hunt for shiny aruses heres my gun the pokegun it shoots masterballs you will be mine aruses MINE!!
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