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Mobile Skin issues thread

Dec 29, 2002
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  1. He/Him
For anyone who's trying out the Bulbapedia mobile skin, please report any issues you're having with it here.

If you haven't seen our open alpha yet, just start the usual URL with http://m. (ie. Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia) and you'll be redirected there. There is no automatic redirection at this time, not until we get all the issues fixed.

Current known issues are:
  • The Main Page has not yet been properly configured for the mobile skin, and will look a bit weird depending on what size device you're using.
Yeah, I'm usually on here with my Xperia Mini, and the front page gets utterly destroyed. Loads properly, but then each section goes white and is elongated by a lot. Thankfully I know where each section is and I get by. Also another problem, might be my phone, but it doesn't like the BBS for typing up a post. Sometimes I have to deal with it exiting the typing process, clicking the box, and repeating 2-3 times before it can allow me to type. Also sometimes letters disappear or appear out of nowhere, as if it registers the a button 2 times instead of 1 for example. Happens both on the default browser and on Mozilla.
I tried the mobile skin, typed a query, and then started "searching" for that search button. I reloaded it many times but that search button was possibly......
On a....
Bulbabreak! B-)
The search button is still invisible in mobile version. Something has to be done about it.
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