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Neverending Romance -- The Shipping List Revival

Pokémon x Trainers ship are still incredibly nasty
I do agree with the sentiment (in fact all of us likely do), but you have to know that this thread is mainly there to name pairings of character and/or Pokémons, not to ship them specifically. Not only that, but the term "relationship" doesn't always mean "romance". Those ships can be interpreted as friendship (like, a character would love their Pokémon the same way a good person would love their pet dog or cat), or even relationships like two or three characters being seen as a wholesome family instead (two adults representing the parents, and a young character being their child, for example).

That said, romance is indeed the main theme here, and the sad truth of any fandom (which includes fandoms that don't partake much into shipping, if at all) is that there are people who will misuse ships in horrible and cursed ways, no matter what we do. Keep in mind, this also affects ships that are otherwise fine.

I'm willing to discuss this more if you wish, but I'd rather avoid getting progressively off-topic with what this thread is used for.
back with another round of silly ship names!

_oddoSamaShipping - Chili x Sordward
RustedSwordShipping - Cress x Sordward
TrunkShipping - Cilan x Sordward
BurningBulwarkShipping - Chili x Shielbert
RustedShieldShipping - Cress x Shielbert
DentedShieldShipping - Cilan x Shielbert

probably worth adding as a note that the _ in _oddosamashipping isn't a typo, the ship name is meant to be a joke on the fact that their names rhyme and they both get referred to using the sama suffix at some point in the series, so the underscore is there in place of the first letter since it's different.
CafeteriaDateShipping- Drayton & Florian/Juliana
DipplinShipping- Juliana & Kieran
JustNotRightShipping- Drayton & Lacey
RockStarShipping- Marnie & Penny

DipplinShipping is a popular ship name on Tumblr (so is CandyAppleShipping for Florian & Kieran, but I've already seen that getting called TealMaskShipping here) and I've seen RockStarShipping a lot on Twitter. I came up with CafeteriaDateShipping after how Drayton asks the SV protag on a "date" at Blueberry Academy's Cafeteria, and JustNotRightShipping is based on how Lacey is always scolding Drayton for slacking off with her iconic catchphrase. Not too huge on it, but I'll throw it out there anyway in case other people like it.
Generally, you shouldn't conflate Florian and Juliana as the same character. Florian/Drayton & Juliana/Drayton are separate ships, and so need different names. For the first one on your list, you should specify one protagonist or the other, and not both.
Generally, you shouldn't conflate Florian and Juliana as the same character. Florian/Drayton & Juliana/Drayton are separate ships, and so need different names. For the first one on your list, you should specify one protagonist or the other, and not both.
Ah, okay, my bad. I suppose I'll specify CafeteriaDateShipping for Drayton/Florian then, since I first used the name for those two.
Hello! First time posting here but me and some friends in a server tried to come up with some ship names too for ones I haven't seen around yet so I'm finally using the account I just made to submit them myself lol

FingerHeartShipping - Amarys/Carmine
PaldeanWindShipping - Arven/Ohara

We get the finger heart emote as a reward for defeating Amarys in the league club room, and we also learn that she learnt it from Carmine too. PaldeanWind is a little basic but the whole miniseries is literally named after Ohara being a flutist and her and Arven share an episode of spotlight.
SugarbugShipping - Aaron & Katy
I'm back with another shipname!! This one surprised me that it's not on the list (there's variations with other people added but not just these three together)!

CovertIdolShipping - Yancy/Nate/Curtis
this ship seems like an obvs one, so i figured i should just bite the bullet and lock it in:

GlitteratiShipping - Billy & O'Nare [ftr, I know that there are other Billy's on the list, so you could specify this one as either Billy (Paldea) or Billy (Glitterati); whichever you think would be the most appropriate designation (and if anyone else wants to weigh in on which designation would be better, feel free to do so, and I'd be happy to go back and edit the consensus in)]
I returned to name some more unnamed ships.

AboveAverageShipping - Avery & Ilima
CableTunnelShipping - Roark & Lanette
ChasingDreamsShipping - Chase & Molly Hale
CoolBoyShipping - Clyde & Gordie
EveningActShipping - Billy (Ranger) & Morgan
FlareTeachingShipping - Aliana & Éclairisse
MagicPowerShipping - Will & Francesca
MuddyValleyShipping - Hapu & Pikala
SchwedlerShipping - Cosette & Mable
SmoothSandShipping - Garret & Heath

In case anyone is wondering, I named Cosette/Mable after a certain type of maple which can come in purple, and Cosette has purple hair.
LovelyKissShipping - Lacey & Whitney
TripleVolcanoShipping - Crispin & Flannery & Mela
GraySkiesShipping - Amarys & Hugh
DoubleSidedShipping - Allister & Kieran

blueberry academy brainrot is a real disorder
BoyGeniusShipping - Hyde & Sophocles
Pretty self-explanatory! Surprised this name was free but I'm not complaining.

LifeDewShipping - Queen Ilene & Lizabeth
Shout-out to AriadneEurydice for the name! After the Gen 8 move, since Lizabeth is associated with water and Ilene with a Tree of Life stand-in (among other shared symbolism).

MissingTimeShipping - Grings Kodai & Volo
A pun! Kodai is figuratively missing time since he's trying to track the Time Ripple, and my Volo is literally missing time as a Faller.

RubySwirlShipping - Baron Alberto & Saguaro
After Saguaro's Ruby Swirl Alcremie, Alberto's "swirl" hairstyle he shares with his Lickilicky, and both of their pink color schemes!

StageLightsShipping - Candela & Lily (Kanto)
Candela's name relates to light, while Lily is a performer, so this name combines both their themes!
After checking the DLC's optional content... what about this one?

PrettygirlShipping - Carmine & Penny
ArsenicPuddingShipping - Klara & Katy
BoulangerieShipping - Katy & Viola
FlanDeMangoShipping - Geeta & Katy
FoodTokenShipping - Cilan & Katy
GrasshopperPieShipping - Burgh & Katy
GuérandeShipping - Grant & Katy
LevaduraShipping - Hassel & Katy
MadrileñaShipping - Dendra & Katy
SalmorejoShipping - Brassius & Katy
SourdoughShipping - Milo & Katy
SucreEnPoudreShipping - Katy & Valerie
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perhaps a useful resource, segasister on tumblr is putting together a list of sv shipping names.

the only edits i think i'd make to this list thus far is that personally i've seen TealMaskShipping be used more overall for Florian x Kieran rather than kieran with both of the protags. i think there are some posts that have used it for kieran x juliana and all 3 of them, but primarily it appears to be used for florian x kieran.
Hey! SEGASister here!
I've seen CandyAppleShipping used for Florian x Kieran more.
Meanwhile, I've seen a bunch of other ship names used for Juliana x Kieran (both aforementioned names as well as DipplinShipping for them (though not OgreShipping), though I'm personally biased towards ToxicChainShipping
since UvaShipping is Arven/Juliana/Nemona/Penny, it only makes sense to me that the version w/ Florian substituted in should get a name too. Unfortunately, "NaranjaShipping" is already taken, so we can't have a perfect match w/ the names, but I think this would be the next best option:

NaranjaAcademyShipping --- Arven, Florian, Nemona & Penny

and here's a bunch of others that i'm just throwing in for good measure:

FairyLaneShipping --- Elaine (game) & Mina
StarGemShipping --- Lacey & Mela
ChefairyShipping --- Crispin & Ortega
TinyTitanShipping --- Bonnie & Poppy
AngelJewelShipping --- Diantha & Olivia
ArtistryShipping --- Atticus & Kiawe
ViceGuitaristShipping --- Giacomo & Ryuki
ColdSnapShipping --- Grusha & Perrin
ChronicallyOnlineShipping --- Iono & Penny
SoftSmileShipping --- Ash, Gladion & Hau
BattlePassionShipping --- Ash, Gladion & Kiawe
FuturoBookShipping --- Professor Turo & Briar
PasadaBookShipping --- Briar & Professor Sada
HoneymoonDelightShipping --- Professor Kukui, Delia & Professor Burnet
SaltyShipping --- Agatha & Tyme
FlorMaskShipping --- Allister, Florian & Kieran
TechnoKidShipping --- Hyde & Amanita
LeaveningShipping --- Cilan & Drayton
FestivalZoneShipping --- Sophocles & Iono
DistortedWorldShipping --- Cyrus & Phyco
PyramidAdventourShipping --- Brandon & Peony
FossilizedBugShipping --- Aaron (elite) & Brock
CriminalityShipping -- Chairman Rose, Giovanni & Nanu
WakameShipping --- Kofu & Wattson
SpiritualityShipping --- Anthea & Phoebe
HoneymelonShipping --- Honey (Galar) & Melony
IronMatronShipping --- Byron & Argenta
TroveShipping --- Buck & Bugsy
TotemSpiritShipping --- Hala & Samson Oak
FreedomDefenderShipping --- Peonia & Sina
TechPunkShipping --- Cassius & Sidney
HeartsongShipping --- Kurt & Pryce
GamblerShipping --- Grimsley & Petrel
MetallurgyShipping --- Molayne, Professor Kukui & Professor Burnet
CroneShipping --- Agatha & Opal
WizenedShipping --- Agatha & Professor Magnolia
GoldenAgeShipping --- Agatha, Opal & Professor Magnolia
IcyRapShipping --- Glacia & Ryme
SpookyLaneShipping --- Allister & Elaine (game)
ScientificInnovationShipping --- Briar & Oleana
RoyalAncestryShipping --- Lysandre & Shielbert
RoyalAceShipping --- Sordward & Tucker
SpiritTeaShipping --- Ramos & Spenser (Frontier)
FactorySettingsShipping --- Noland & Brigette
CafeRacerShipping --- Jack (Galar) & Grace (Kalos)
IdolZoneShipping --- Iono & Yancy
FrenchIdolShipping --- Calem & Curtis
MaidenlyShipping --- Daisy Oak, Erika & Jasmine
CompassionateMaidenShipping --- Daisy Oak & Jasmine
EveningBattleShipping --- Wally & Evelyn (Battle Mansion)
PsychicSeanceShipping --- Caitlin, Sabrina & Shauntal
NoirBoutiqueShipping --- Emma, Serena (Kalos) & Shauna (Kalos)
AceStyleShipping --- Chaz (ORAS) & Vito Winstrate
NightLassShipping --- Nita & Vivi Winstrate
GroundFrostShipping --- Wulfric & Bertha
FightingLegacyShipping --- Gurkinn & Mustard
GothIdolShipping --- Marnie & Yancy
SplatterPaintShipping --- Bea & Mina
PintoBeanShipping --- Mohn & Salvatore
RestfulShipping --- Professor Elm & Professor Neroli
GothRoyalPearlShipping --- Caitlin, Dawn & Marley
MorningButlerShipping --- Darach & Morgan
Katy ships with Kanto Gym Leaders !

AlbaricoqueShipping - Janine & Katy
AvellanaShipping - Katy & Sabrina
AzaharShipping - Erika & Katy
CrunchyRollShipping - Brock & Katy
MantecadosShipping - Blaine & Katy
PasteleraShipping - Katy & Misty
TorrijaShipping - Giovanni & Katy
TragonaCakeShipping - Blue (game) & Katy
UmeboshiShipping - Koga & Katy
VolteadoShipping - Lt. Surge & Katy
i actually have a question i'd like to ask. so, in the midst of creating the (far more massive than i originally intended, oops XD) list of submissions in my last post, i was studying the official list very carefully, and i noticed that both brock/erika and erika/misty are listed under the same ship name of "PerfumeShipping", and neither of those pairings have alternative ship names. would it be acceptable if i created a new ship name for erika/misty (as that's the one i'm interested in), so that it could have its own unique name and not forced to be doubled up with brock/erika? or even if ppl think that "perfumeshipping" should refer to erika/misty, i'd be fine coming up w/ a new name for brock/erika. i just think that one of them should be able to get a new name to distinguish it from the other ship. i did think about adding a ship name for erika/misty alongside my other submissions, but i figured it'd be the better move to bring this issue up as a topic for discussion first!

(fwiw, my submission would've been CascadingRainbowShipping --- Erika & Misty)
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