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New artwork and screenshots for Toroze and Dungeon of Mystery from Coro Coro

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Jul 18, 2004
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Interestingly, CoroCoro states that the planned release date is November 17... the first official confirmation of that leaked date?
I have asked DeltaSuicune to translate the text in both scans; she should be submitting her work to BulbaNews, if she has not done so already.

Advertising a game alongside an artwork by Ken Sugimori is always a wise move in my eyes. Not only does the artwork feature some of the playable and enemy Pokémon (Medicham, Torkoal and Aerodactyl are at the bottom), but also the Pecha Berry and what appears to be the Oran Berry. Even if it does not reflect the game graphics, this is a good indication that Gamefreak has some part in the development of the game. I actually wish that Colosseum and XD had been given this kind of treatment, but I suppose that if the 3D model renditions closely represent the graphics in the games, and are of higher quality at the same time, there is no need in replacing them with Ken Sugimori's artwork.
In contrast, the artwork for Pokémon Toroze, developed by Genius Sonority, shows absolutely no attempt to match the standards of Ken Sugimori. As with Colosseum and XD, the artwork is nearly the same as the actual graphics, which is quite a shame in this case. It is likely that Genius Sonority is only in charge of the gameplay, while some design studio is to blame for these overtly comical characters. It is a pity that the game presentation is so lacking, as otherwise this is just as much a spin-off RPG game as Mystery Dungeon and Ranger. Sadly, I have not been too impressed with the gameplay, either, but that is still liable to change.

Some observations based on the information in the scans:

* The Mystery Dungeon games begin with the main character turning into a Pokémon--one of the three Fire starters in Red version, and of the Water starters in Blue version. The player selects his personality through a series of questions, which determines which starter he becomes.

* The object of the game is to form a successful Rescue Squad. The player selects a partner Pokémon out of a list of the Grass starters, Pikachu, and the Water starters (Red version) or the Fire staters (Blue version). Throughout the game, other Pokémon will join the Rescue Squad, such as Ratatta and Voltorb.

* The mission is to rescue Pokémon from various natural disasters (for example, finding a lost Caterpie). The jobs vary greatly, from rescue to some errands. When the team's reputation grows, private missions start more frequently. There are other reputable teams, accounting for competition.
Nothing has been mentioned regarding linkability with other players, but seeing as there are other Rescue Squads in-game, it is fair to speculate that this will also be enabled between two or more players. Will multiple Red versions utilize the GBA's Wireless Adapter, while multiple Blue versions will utilize the Nintendo DS' built-in wireless options? Will the Blue version read data from the Red version when plugged into the Nintendo DS' GBA port?

* Moves and abilities from the RPG games are present. The moves are usable when battling or solving map puzzles. New items exist, such as the Explosive Seed to damage enemies, and the Golem Stone to damage distant enemies.
How true will the battle system be to the RPG Pokémon games? Will moves be acquired at the same levels, and will Pokémon gain levels similarly? I would probably be in for disappointment if I counted on the system to be true to the original in every way, but I would like to think that I am not too optimistic in hoping for it to be closer than the anime and Pokémon Special manga.

On an entirely different note, I am confident that in addition to all this, CoroCoro featured some new information on XD. The official site is stated to be updated this Friday with additional XD content, and as a tradition, CoroCoro always precedes the site with information on recent or upcoming games. Last month, both CoroCoro and the official site reported the news on the Johto starters in XD, but the CoroCoro scan was not uploaded to Japanese sites along with the one covering the new games. That said, the Japanese fansites may very well post the news today. Whether we will have to wait until Friday or not, it is my personal hope that the information in question involves the Expansion Disc.
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Zhen Lin said:
Interestingly, CoroCoro states that the planned release date is November 17... the first official confirmation of that leaked date?
Leaked? o.o" I wouldn't call a release date on the official nintendo page "leaked" o.o"
Well, if they promptly make it disappear, I'd call it leaked - by someone in the web department, of course.
Hm, well, I don't know for sure, but it seems very likely and Filb also thinks it's probably famitsu. Perhaps someone who knows famitsu can confirm it? The style of the infoboxes is probably something to recognize.
Can you read, what it says at the top of the pages? And do they have Japanese gaming magazines at kinokuniya? Maybe you could make better scans or so :\
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I don't even have a scanner, so that's not an option...

There is no identifying text at all in those images. CoroCoro sometimes mentions itself, but this time, it doesn't. But the style suggests CoroCoro.
Hmm but I think we can be pretty sure that the first two scans aren't from the same magazine as the second pair of scans.
MistyIRC said:
In response to an earlier post -

Genius Sorority's character models in both Colosseum and XD (though XD less so) are awful. Combining anime styles with realistic shading is a no-no. Simply put, I would not be surprised if the character designs were their doing.
Well, isn't that more something technical rather than design?
I agree, cel-shading would look much better on the Pokémon models. The human characters look good with realistic shading, though, and imo they are designed nice and look good how they are. But I'm sure they would also look good as cel-shading models.
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Second scan of that second batch of scans has battle pictures. Interesting, if a break with tradition, to have a pokémon game where (apparently) attacks are handled on what appears to be the main screen.
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Probably has something to do with it being based on the mechanics of a different game.

Indeed, my first impression was that it looked entirely too much like an old Zelda game...
Probably has something to do with it being based on the mechanics of a different game.

Indeed. Mysyerious Dungeon games don't have seperate battle screens. The battles take place in the dungeons themselves. So if you want to escape from an enemy, you actually have to outpace it.
All the name changes for these games from Pokemon site to Pokemon site is getting a bit annoying. Which exactly is it - Mysterious Dungeon or Mystery Dungeon (or does it matter?), and Toro ze (with that accent over the second 'o'), Toroze, or Trose (saw that one on Pocket News).

Edit: Nevermind my first question. It really was as stupid as it sounded ;p
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Well, it's to do with the finer points of Japanese grammar and transcription. I personally feel Mysterious is probably not what they meant, since the title has fushigi-no, not fushigi-na. Likewise, I feel that they mean torō ze, but Japanese does not have spaces written, so people who don't understand Japanese either randomly insert spaces or not at all.
Nintendo keeps romanizing Toroze as Trose. What is that? What does "toro ze" mean anyway?
"Let's get/obtain/steal [...]!", or, in this case, perhaps rendered better as "Get 'em!".
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