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Ongoing NMLewis' Gen III Journeys: The Discussion Thread

Go cadence!
Ok corsola is scaring me...
Noooooo Ellie!
Omg cadence by a hair!
Cadence is rocking it today
What does fufufu even mean
Natasha held on for the victory!
Clefairy winning skill spamming Follow Me in a single battle :(
Nice critical hit vs Rhyhorn :)
Fake out and Detect :(
"Oh my Dratini, do you get deja vu" :D
Elli wins against Parasect :)
The opponent pokémon like trying to use Dig on the 3rd turn
"Tragedy, when glare actually hits and you get paralyzed, it's tragedy" :D
Unlucky vs Relicanth :(
I can't believe it's almost over :(
Nice symbols you've got there
Hahaah your house is warmer than mine!
That clefairy is stupid (also how did it win category!?!?)
Natasha makes a lot of hits for a paralysed mon
RHyhorn went DOWN
Love me a good npc flavour!
Elli took down seviper!
You have such a great team!
What a tough battle, sad ending :(
I love that you keep losses not just wins in footage :)
Last episode! Bitter-sweet
"Every battle has a smell" wtf dude
2.5 years!?!??! Whoa
Triathlete carlos scared me for a while
"Have a hissy fit, then win"
"NOT a rapid antigen test" lmao
I want to.study maths on khan academy now, but I'm meant to be doing chores
Every time I see bagon I smile because of you!
"There's terrible reception in the battle arena" lol
Spinda was a surprise!
The pokemon pictures are amazing! I actually teared up when I saw torchic illustration
I am 100% a fan and I will miss these uploads
I don't want it to be over :'( I feel an emptiness
Thank you for all the work you put into this series. It was worth All the effort because you made something great
"It's holding a Bright Powder, Noooooooooo!" :D
"You little Sh... ockwave user" :D
"The windsock is just insisting on protecting" :D
"Ride, ride, ride, cycle, cycle, cycle"
Kangaskhan fakes out Lazy Days on a loafing turn :D
All the pokemon drawings are fantastic, cool seeing all the teams together :)
Sad to see the series end :(
Really enjoyed watching and thanks so much for doing this series and for all the hard work and effort that went into making it :bulbaLove:
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