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Official site acknowledges Phantom Gate: Mega Gengar-EX shown, many cards revealed

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Nov 13, 2005
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Official site acknowledges Phantom Gate: Mega Gengar-EX shown, many cards revealed

Tied in with the release date of CoroCoro's September 2014 issue, the official site has updated with the contents of the spoiler, finally acknowledging the upcoming expansion, Phantom Gate and its associated deck Hyper Metal Chain Deck. The update posted images of Gengar-EX, Mega Gengar-EX, Crobat, Ditto, and several new Trainer cards being released in September. A small glimpse of Mega Manectric-EX can also be seen alongside the debut of Team Flare associated cards with red borders.

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Re: Official site acknowledges Phantom Gate: Mega Gengar-EX shown, many cards reveale

From the glimpse that I can see in the picture, the Team Flare border looks pretty sick. Team Plasma certainly went well enough in the TCG (I certainly enjoyed the blue borders), so I can't wait to see Team Flare in action.

Aegislash-EX reminds me a lot of Scizor Prime. I can't really see it making an impact in Standard, but in Expanded, it'll have access to both of the good Klinklang cards: the one with Shift Gear and the one with Plasma Steel. Pyroar will be a major problem for Aegislash (particularly if it doesn't have a DCE on it), but it could still be fun.

Crobat's Surprise Bite looks pretty fun. It certainly reminds me of Crobat G in a way, but it's actually much more similar to Greninja. The big difference between Crobat and Greninja is the cards they take to use their Abilities multiple times: Crobat takes Devolution Spray (read the Dragons Exalted print), and Greninja takes Water Energy. Which do you think will be more abundant in a deck?

Ditto reminds me of Kecleon; they can use their opponent's attacks (provided they have the Energy for it), and they even have the same HP and weakness. The differences? Kecleon has a slightly lower Retreat Cost and can change its type to match its opponent (Mewtwo-EX beware!), while Ditto has an alternate attack that can get Energy onto it, enabling its copying ability a little better. Personally, I think Kecleon is still slightly better.

Mystery Energy certainly looks interesting. Reducing the Retreat Cost of your Psychic-types could be very handy indeed. You might say Float Stone is better for that, but Float Stone is easily discarded by the nigh-ubiquitous Startling Megaphone. Mystery Energy, on the other hand, won't be very easily discarded, primarily because Enhanced Hammer won't be in the format (unless the reprint surfaces in this set, -_-').
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Re: Official site acknowledges Phantom Gate: Mega Gengar-EX shown, many cards reveale

Team Flare associated cards?!
Just realized that the text they have on the mega cards that on Japanese cards it's in English and in English sets it's in Japanese. That is so freaking cool/cute!

This set looks amazing for multiple reasons, definitely got to get some!
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