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Oki Draws Pictures

may 2024 New
  • Illustration38.png

    i'm fighting for my life out here in these favorite pokémon polls

    (edit: it's gone down to 5.9%?!??!!)
    apr 2024 rkgk
  • last minute doodles before I have to go on a trip and won't have my tablet... yippee

    Today (April 3) is a national holiday Palletshipping Day! The number 43 can be read in goroawase as シサ (shigeru/satoshi).

    Screenshot 2024-04-03 044312.png

    Screenshot 2024-04-03 044334.png
    mar 2024 pt.2
  • suisei2a.png

    .: If you cut me, I suppose I would bleed the colors of the evening stars.
    Cover image thingy to go alongside the fic I'm currently writing for the 2024 Shipping One-Shot contest. :D

    this just really spoke to me
    mar 2024
  • Second art dump of the year (yikes it's March already). I'm slowly remembering how to make finished art.

    redo of this Duplica I drew in June 2021 (almost 3 yrs ago):

    imite old.png


    The usual batch of recent doodles from Sketch the Above. come join in!

    "a gijinka of something you would love to be besties with" / "a gijinka of a legendary pokémon"
    "your favorite butterfly pokémon" / "a pokémon you don’t get why people hated"

    ppl seemed to like this when I posted it on Discord a while back, so here's a very rough study of the RSE Sugimori style using my OC/fankid :chansey:
    You've probably seen a couple of these already, but for the sake of compiling them here, here's a few of the animated signatures I made for people recently:


    also an unrelated one that I was gonna use in a blog post but I made it too big

    jan 2024
  • First art dump of the year. Some of it is actually from late last year but shush :slowpoke:

    More stuff from Sketch the Above! Including some I didn't post. From left to right:
    one of your OCs (ninja'd), a neutral good character, a character with lightning powers (ninja'd)
    favorite pokemiku, favorite pokémon from teal mask/indigo disk

    This lovely Volcarona lady belongs to Kheilos (escolopendror)! I drew her for the 2023 Secret Santa Art Trade. Very fun event, I hope to do it again next year :bulbaLove:

    This was intended for that "draw yourself as a Gym Leader" trend that was going around but I didn't really finish it lol.
    end of year 2023
  • I'm probably not gonna get any more big pieces done before the end of the month, so time to wrap it up...

    Art summary thing for 2023:
    2023recap2 b.png

    talk about inconsistency...
    Can't help but feel like this was a bit of an odd year overall. I've definitely improved a lot since last year (partially thanks to upgrading to a computer that doesn't suck, lol) — but it's sometimes hard for me to recognize that I've made much progress at all. Ah well, I'll never be totally satisfied; I can only wonder how my art will grow in 2024.

    2023 recap color b.png
    I made the template for this myself, so feel free to use it and edit it however you like!
    It's transparent, so you can easily just drop your images behind it.

    2023 temp.png
    2023 temp text.png

    2023 temp dark.png
    2023 temp text dark.png

    This year's compilation of scrapped sketches and doodles I've amassed over the past twelve months:

    Also, the rest of that holiday banner that I can share now.
    holiday2023 notext.png

    If you happened to see it posted on the official Bulba twitter, then here it is again!
    ship prompts
  • Did another one of those drawing prompt thingies. This time it's six seven different Pokémon pairings, suggested by seven different people here!

    requested by:
    @Teebs96 - I can't get enough of them either!
    @asiryn - I was totally going to draw MoonLily at first since I love that pairing, but I saw Misty/Serena and something about it just jumped out at me...
    @lisianthus - what a wonderful wonder friendship brings do you know you are my very best friieeeenndsssss
    @sleepwick - this is too good of an idea to not have an official ship name that I can find?!
    @beryllium - TRUE!
    @Herbizarre - Crossover ships always stand out to me, I remember reading a post of yours about this one. :D

    and @coordinator lissi, whom I mistakenly skipped over when sketching this out (i'm so sorry ;_;) but requested BoutiqueShipping:

    a lot of whatever 3
  • Feeling a little bleh about art this week, so I'mma just throw all this here without thinking too much of it...


    a sneak peek of a bigger thing that I can't share quite yet :o
    a lot of whatever 2
  • Quick sketch dump in between better things:

    Recent draws from the Sketch the Above game. Come join us sometime!
    Prompts: "favorite Pokémon", "favorite Dragon-type", "box legendary from your first game", and "favorite player character" (though I was ninja'd before I could post this one)

    a predictable riff on that old Rolling Girl animation meme (sm11942631).
    I'll roll along again today...

    Finally tried out the timelapse feature on CSP, it's pretty cool. This is just the lineart and main coloring process of the latest avi I've drawn, though there's accidentally a short skip between the two.
    y'know, I used to draw Zero so much back in the day that this is the first req I didn't need to look at a reference image for...
    a lot of whatever
  • outf1a.png

    Blanc messaged me the other day and asked (nay, demanded?!) that I draw the same character that I already draw every day... the audacity!!!
    Ah, but he's in a different outfit this time, so I guess that makes it okay.

    Screenshot 2023-11-11 071456.png

    Crossposting a few more avis and sigs that I've made for peeps over here. I took a break until not long ago, so the first three are actually a few months old already.




    pika revamp
  • Not much new lately. I've been way too busy with other commitments to sit down and draw much, which has been a pain.
    Just to make sure I don't get rusty, today I quickly redrew a very old pikadoodle of mine from almost 12 years ago:

    The original, from January 9th, 2012:


    (this poorly compressed screenshot is the only surviving copy I have left of this image but I still love it)

    And although a few of you noticed this right away, I'm happy to say that last week I was accepted onto the Bulbagarden staff artist team! Please look forward to seeing my art around the forums and other Bulbaplaces in the near future!!
    halloween 2023 / zzzzzz
  • cerulean.png

    Some sort of cover image to accompany the Halloween one-shot I'm doing for this year's Writers' Workshop contest.
    Alternate title: "would you still love me if I was a Frillish?"


    I passed the first one of my exams, but when I did, I expected there to be a little more fanfare...
    Research must be tough.
    spinoffs / sygna
  • oops, forgive the double-post but I forgot to actually dump this week's art while I was here. *facepalm*

    I scribbled out a few obscure characters from spinoff games to de-rust. how many do you recognize?

    ...I remembered Justy being a lot scarier because of his ridiculously unfair overleveled team. He's actually an okay guy.


    (not really, but I always thought they looked like they could be related)

    And because it just wouldn't be me without you-know-who, have some severely unfinished design concepts:

    A half-formed idea that's been in my head ever since I picked up Masters EX again. I haven't completely decided on what arrangement of colors I want to use, so I haven't cleaned these up at all yet. (I'll get to it, probably, but I wanna get more comfortable posting unpolished stuff too.)
    The only reason why I picked these two Pokémon specifically is because they're my personal favorite ones that they own. xP

  • aww thank you you two!

    Lately I just haven't drawn very much due to being sick. When I do have the energy to draw, all of a sudden I feel sooo uninspired. *falls over*
    So take a few vague unpolished sketches that I liked, until something greater hits me...
    shipweek days 6-7 / eeveelutions pt. 2
  • Final two days of Ship Week stuff:

    August hasn't actually been all that bad here. Not that I'd want that kind of summer heat...

    And here's more fake Eeveelutions, with some unlikely types.

    Eonneon (Evoluceon)
    Type: Normal / Ability: Fur Coat, Adaptability, Scrappy
    "The true evolution of Eevee when in a safe and controlled environment, protected from any factors that would cause its DNA to drastically alter itself."
    "Researchers theorize that Eevee could evolve into this Pokémon in the wild organically if it managed to live an extremely long time."

    Enigmeon (Uncanneon)
    Type: ??? / Ability: Cacophony
    "A deeply unnatural evolution that was born when an Eevee struggled to adapt to the conditions it was exposed to."
    "Not much is yet understood about this Pokémon. It will give you a feeling of vertigo if you maintain its strange gaze."
    imite / shipweek days 1-5
  • you guys are all so nice, thank you :bulbaLove:

    Time to throw some more art at the wall and see what sticks:

    I had no goal in mind with this, I was out of practice and needed to do a warm-up.
    The outfit is just what I wore last weekend...

    Also, I heard through the Art Gallery grape vine that Pokémon Ship Week is a thing...? I really wanted to draw my top 7 faves for it.
    But I also found out a bit late that this was happening, so I ended up rushing through the last five days of prompts to catch up lol.

    When Journeys was still in the middle of airing, I had this AU/theory wherein Tokio's real reason for seeking Celebi was because he'd been mistakenly displaced from his own time.
    He'd have to go back eventually...
    misc i lost count
  • Oh hey, I guess I forgot how to draw for a while. I think I'm back now.

    I'm currently participating in this year's Art Fight, so here are the things that I've drawn for forum friends so far!
    ferd2 rz.png

    These two cuties belong to the one and only @Torchic W. Pip!

    Also this is what the painting looked like on the sketch layer and it was making me laugh


    This young lady's designer is our Art Gallery's very own @DawningWinds!

    And here's some less polished stuff from last month's terrible bout of art block.



    ^ These characters have absolutely nothing in common, except for the fact that I was obsessed with them when I was in high school. So I drew them again from memory for old times' sake.

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