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Pocket Monsters: Crystal Dev Diary



"Do whatever it takes. I'll make the mistakes."
Nov 7, 2023
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Post 0: Introduction to the project

In this thread, I will be discussing my personal project, Pocket Monsters: Crystal, A game stemming from one overdone concept. Each post will mark 1 day of development and will include the date of when the events of each post take place.

The concept is:
What if the Generation 2 SpaceWorld demos were finished?

However, instead of fully basing it on those demos, I'm taking aspects of them and meshing them. Some maps based on the Beta maps, some based on the final maps, and some being a mesh of both.
This project will also use parts of Generation 1's beta and pre-development concepts, including the concept of buying Pokémon.

This game is being made using Xave's "Pokémon Essentials GSC" Dev kit for RPG Maker XP!

Until more posts are published, here's a screenshot of the title screen I "made" on day 4 of development:

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24/12/23 - The Beginning
Post 1 - The Beginning
"It's Christmas eve and I'm bored" I'm thinking to myself, so I hit download on Pokémon Essentials GSC with an idea in mind.

I've always been fascinated with the development of games, cut content, lost media and game betas (my lack of an autism diagnosis shocks me too), and the first 2 Generations of Pokémon have a treasure trove of beta content, so why don't I put my love for these things into something worthwhile. A fan-game!

While this isn't my first delve into making a fan-game, this one I want to actually finish. My main weaknesses when it comes to these things, story and art, aren't going to be too much of a problem here, since I have some points already plotted out for me!

This first day of development mainly consisted of getting sprites from The Cutting Room Floor and simply adding them and changing some names (credit to Nob Ogasawara for some of the names I'll be using) and types. Here are some of them:



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25/12/23 + 26/12/23 - How the heck do PBS files work on v18???
Post 2 - How the heck do PBS files work on v18???
So Christmas day was obviously slower development wise, but I still managed to get some things done after the festivities.
These 2 days mainly consisted of getting sprites into the game with decent colour palettes.
Below are the sprites I've done palettes for but not yet coded (Credits go to Helix Chamber for the Gen 1 beta mons front sprites):


And here are the ones that have been coded:

After some trial and error in figuring out how the PBS files and compiling them works in Pokémon Essentials v18 (What Essentials GSC v1.3 runs on), I finally managed to code in a few Pokémon:

And thats it for those 2 days. Pretty empty days in terms of content, but the next few days pick up in stuff. Kinda.
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