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Pokedolls Image Gallery

Jan 11, 2022
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a while back i asked for help about what images can be submitted. sometime after that i did digging and came up with official images of the poke dolls for deoxys, rotom, and black/white kyurem, as well as my own photos of torchic, flareon, and glaceon. i decided to do a bit of (mostly unsuccessful) digging for more official images yesterday, and i'm realizing the best way to get this gallery filled out is to get the word out. i have an entire list of what pokedolls need photos on the talk page, but i'm putting it here too. if anyone owns these or thinks they can dig up an officially-sourced (for instance, when they were announced) image, i'd highly appreciate help here. admittedly i myself have to get to adding a gen 9 section since we have pokedolls of the starter trio now, but that's a whole other can of worms.

  • Butterfree
  • Raichu
  • Clefairy
  • jigglypuff (first release)
  • kantonian meowth
  • slowpoke
  • grimer
  • gengar (first release)
  • magikarp & its shiny version
  • lapras (first release)
  • vapreon & jolteon (first releases)

  • cyndaquil
  • noctowl
  • pichu, tufty hair pichu, and spiky-eared pichu
  • cleffa
  • igglybuff
  • togepi
  • natu
  • pikablu marill
  • aipom
  • wooper
  • espeon & umbreon (first releases)
  • wobuffet (first release)
  • teddiursa
  • corsola
  • delibird
  • houndour
  • phanphy
  • smoochum
  • magby
  • shiny versions of raikou, entei, and suicune
  • lugia, shadow lugia, and ho-oh

  • treecko & sceptile
  • blaziken
  • mudkip & swampert
  • skitty
  • wailord
  • spinda
  • altaria
  • corphish
  • duskull
  • absol
  • spheal
  • salamence
  • metagross
  • latias
  • groudon, kyogre, and rayquaza

  • bidoof
  • shinx
  • budew
  • pachirisu
  • buizel
  • cherrim (sunshine form)
  • ambipom
  • buneary
  • mismagius
  • glameow
  • bonsly
  • mime jr
  • happiny
  • chatot
  • spiritomb
  • munchlax
  • riolu
  • lucario (first release)
  • croagunk
  • mantyke
  • snover
  • weavile
  • lickilicky
  • togekiss
  • leafeon (first release)
  • heatran
  • giratina (both forms)
  • cresselia

  • snivy & serperior
  • tepig & emboar
  • oshawott
  • pansage, pansear, & panpour
  • munna
  • whimsicott
  • scraggy
  • minccino & cinccino
  • vanillite
  • emolga
  • litwick
  • axew

the only missing pokedoll past gen 5 is the DX version of the dedenne pokedoll. also, wherever the latios and samurott images came from, perhaps we could find images for latias aswell as serperior and emboar from those sources? that said, i imagine official documentation of the older ones (looking at you gen 2) is long gone at this point. lastly, i have actually found an offiicial image of emboar and serperior, however idk if i could put it on the page since it's all 3 in one image.

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