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Mafia Pokémon Colosseum Mafia - Endgame - Town Victory, The Shadow Pokémon Plan Succeeds, Orre Belongs to Cipher!

I don't know yet, I had a short tinfoil period where I sused HumanDawn since he kinda ruled me out as wolf even though I pointed out multiple scenarios that could be possible. I was stuck with the thought that this might be because he knows more than I do, but I shrui it off later on as just a trait of a long-time player.
Your vote on Max irked me a little after a while, at first it seemed like you just wanted to proof your point but as your vote stayed for a while it felt a little weird to me.
I am outside with family and we are staying for longer than I thought.

So I skimmed the thread really fast - alana voting themselves is a massive L and is completely avoidant of game solving. No self preservation, no confrontation to at least help - Mafia preferably avoids interaction when in heat to prevent clearing Townies.

Unvote: Emmy
Vote: Alana

I found this nice piece of wood to put alana in outside…


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Night 1 - The Last Dance!
1. @Mint Elv
2. @DawningWinds
3. @Max1996
4. @RavenRaziel98
5. @TheCapsFan
6. @HumanDawn
7. @gentlefeather
8. @Minish
9. @alana
10. @Emmy
11. @Dragondg


1. @Shinywooloo

Day 1 End Vote Totals:
alana 5 - Gentlefeather, MintElv, Emmy, alana, HumanDawn
RavenRaziel98 2 - DawningWinds, Max1996
TheCapsFan 1 - Dragondg
Emmy 1 - TheCapsFan
Dragondg 1 - RavenRaziel98
MintElv 0
DawningWinds 0
Max1996 0
HumanDawn 0
Gentlefeather 0
Minish 0

alana was lynched, they were:
Dear alana


You are Miror B, the Disco Dancing Cipher Admin, known for your flamboyant personality and trademark Pokeball Afro, you prefer practicing dancing with your Ludicolo to your duties as a Cipher Admin. Underestimating you due to your flamboyance would be a mistake however as you are ruthless and effective Admin being able to rule over Pyrite Town from your base in Pyrite Cave and not being afraid of using tactics such as kidnapping and blackmail to subdue those who would otherwise threaten your rule such as Duking of Pyrite Town.

As you have a tendancy toward flamboyance and performance with your dance routines you often draw attention to yourself, because of this you are the 1x Lightning Rod. Once per game during the night you may submit the action Lightning Rod in order to draw all night actions used during that night phase to yourself.

In short you are Miror B, Town Lightning Rod, you are aligned with Cipher and win when all threats to Cipher’s takeover of the Orre Region have been eliminated.

It is now Night 1, phase ends 8 PM GMT on Monday 20th February!
Countdown Timer

Please submit your night actions!

I'm sorry I didn't realize that voting for the person I find the most suspicious is being a Sheep.
It's how you did it with what you said.

Not a good look for you at all here, especially entirely ignoring TheCapsFan's explanation here:
…what is alana supposed to do, sit back and die? you’re calling alana out for simply defending herself? so anyone who ever defends themselves when they get in the lead of votes is scummy for it?

and it’s not like alana just got put in the lead, too, it’s been like 12 hours lol. what???

granted, i’m not a big fan of alana’s defense either; i expected more scumhunting than fingerpointing at people on her wagon, and i’m not a huge fan of the “people will have to question me” mindset (which is nai, more playstyle difference) - but the way this post reads is like “i’ve been waiting for a reason to vote alana, also yeah i guess she posted something that i can call out, i guess i should mention that too”

idk this seems sheepier than gentlefeather ever was

You... deliberately answered to the post with my vote on you without the reasoning (and I already posted before that I agreed with TheCapsFan) and minimized the case on you by just saying it's because you sheeped by joining the alana votes which is not true at all.
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