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Pokémon Horizons S1 Dub Titles

HZ024: Reunion at the Ancient Castle!
"Finally meeting up with her grandma, Liko learns the identity of the pendant Pokémon."
Airs April 1 (9Go!)
Source: 9Go! Sydney Program Guide

HZ025: Rivals in the Dark of Night!
"Working separately, Amethio and Hamber both set out to steal Terapagos from Liko."
Airs April 2 (9Go!)
Source: 9Go! Sydney Program Guide

HZ026: Terapagos's Adventure!
"A curious Liko tries to keep up with Terapagos as it explores the Brave Olivine."
Airs April 3 (9Go!)
Source: 9Go! Sydney Program Guide

HZ027: As Long as I'm with My Friends
"A visit to the Wild Area turns into a curry-making adventure for the Rising Volt Tacklers!"
Airs April 4 (9Go!)
Source: 9Go! Sydney Program Guide

HZ028: The Stolen Treasure
"When Roy's Ancient Poké Ball is stolen, the Rising Volt Tacklers track down the thief!"
Airs April 5 (9Go!)
Source: 9Go! Sydney Program Guide
and more dub titles just like the JP ones, look at that!
I mean, they clearly intend to keep doing that, every single episode of the English dub of Horizons has had its title directly translated from the Japanese (more or less.) No matter how boring or lazy I think that might be.........:cautious:
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HZ030: Slip and Crash! A Mystery Pokémon?!
"Strange things are happening aboard the Brave Olivine - could a Pokémon be the cause?"

HZ032: Lapras's Feelings for its Friends
"Liko comes up with a plan for confronting Lapras of the Six Heroes."

No titles for 29 or 31 yet, though I expect them to be up soon. They'll most likely be added with the next batch of episodes to BBC iPlayer on May 27.

Source: BBC Programme Index
Now the UK is catching up against Australia. Back and forth between both countries, that's what it feels like.
Update: Episodes 29 and 31 are called Orla And The Poké Ball Smith/Song Within The Mist.
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