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Pokemon USA looking for an Animation Director

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Nov 13, 2005
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From PPN:pokemon USA, Inc. is seeking to fill the newly created position of Animation Director. This position reports to the head of the Licensing Department and is responsible for managing the animation function for the company.One of the job resposibilities will be to oversee and manage localization process (dubbing) of Japanese animated TV programs, working with (the) Japan-based animation production company and U.S. based studios, providing support to internal and external video requests, among others.

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So who here has the qualifications for this?
I just hope that whoever gets the job actually is a Pokemon fan.

Then they can slap 4Kids silly and get them to fix the dub.
They already go over 4Kids when they actually do wrong, anyway. But NOA aren't going to like anyone hastling 4Kids over what they would see as a minor issue. It isn't as if Pokémon is edited as much as other 4Kids anime.
By fix, I mean repair.

Compare these 3 Advance seasons with the 3 Johto seasons before it.

There's a vast gap in the simple effort put into the dub. From VAs to dedicated music, the AG dubs just reek of no longer caring.

Considering that little has actually changed since then - with Pokemon still being one of the top animes in the US - It just doesn't sit right.

Also, I'd like to see whoever comes up with the Trainer's Choice rubbish fired. For obvious reasons.
Trainer's Choice has improved SIGNIFICANTLY in Advanced Battle. It's almost eerie now.

As for the rest of the dub... eh, I haven't noticed a drop in quality, aside from the reuse of VAs. And I think that has to do with 4Kids expanding as a company - they're pressing their current staff a little thin. They just need to do some hiring.
The AG dub GOT BETTER. Veronica Taylor has made Ash's voice deeper, her May is PERFECT, Max sounds great, and Brock sounds the same as he always did. Same for Team Rocket. Real edits in the dub are non-existent, except for silly things like time cuts or wine glasses.

The Trainer's Choice in Advance Battle has been correct in every single episode except for one. They fixed all the flaws from the previous season.
Isn't it time we just stopped whining? LoT was obviously not the normal team they had for Pokemon, and to be honest, they do a better job on the Pokemon dub than any dub I've ever seen of any anime run on Saturday mornings, 4Kids or not (coughCardcaptorscough)
Come on you guys, it could be worse.
Doctor Oak said:
There's a vast gap in the simple effort put into the dub. From VAs to dedicated music, the AG dubs just reek of no longer caring.

It's not just the dub though. I get that feeling from the original too.
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