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prim's gameverse hcs and similar ramblings !! (reqs open)


Apr 2, 2024
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hellooooo hellooo people of bulbagarden !! >_< finally at long last i am making myself a blog 4 all my pokemon hcs and related ramblings because lord knows how bad i need a place 2 dump my thoughts... also this is solely gameverse + pokémas focused unless if i say otherwise which i doubt sorry !! at most you might get a spe or horizons mention but im not super into spe and still watching horizons so that's a huge might.

currently im mainly focused on kanto, johto, unova, pasio and maybe paldea since those happen to be the regions i know the most about! buuuut you might see more regions pop-up or become more prominent overtime!! also in terms of which characters i like, i usually tend to focus on protags, villains and rivals! but but occasionally i also like characters outside of these categories.

anyways anyways long ass rant aside haii helloooo !! :33 welcome 2 my pkmn ramblings section. i was gonna call it primverse but it feels a little tacky but idk... i also considered hyacinthverse purely because thats my fav flower but it isnt really relevant in any way... idk ill change the thread name eventually. anywaaaayz feel free to req hcs and comment on here btw i LOVE discussing pkmn games and hcs with other people!!! prompts and asks and such r also super welcome please feel free to interact with this whenever <3 liek i said previously i love talking about this stuff so it makes me super happy if people r interested !!
Hiii!!! Someone to talk about verses/hcs with!!

Don’t know much about your stuff but I’ll be really happy to hear about it! In terms of requests can I hear about your Johto maybe? I’ve been spinning my own Johto in my head recently and I’d like to hear about yours!
Hiii!!! Someone to talk about verses/hcs with!!

Don’t know much about your stuff but I’ll be really happy to hear about it! In terms of requests can I hear about your Johto maybe? I’ve been spinning my own Johto in my head recently and I’d like to hear about yours!

BAAHHHH sorry i forgot 2 respond to this yesterday since it was liek 3 am when i saw this >_< buuut anywayz yippeee johto rambling tiem !!! goint 2 ramble abt the protags mainly since those r probably my most developed sillies... mostly just gonna ramble abt the basics tho since i dont wanna write like waaaay too much x-x

anyyywayz ² so for ethan and kris my interp 4 them is mainly based off of this guide during gen 2 which roughly mentions how the protag got inspired by this kid from kanto who finished the pokedex and set out on their journey because of that. so this was essentially just about red and gold buut i wanted 2 apply it to kris and leaf too. which 4 my personal sanity the lgpe kantrio girl and leaf r the same person in this verse.

so basically in kris and leaf's case, evolutions has leaf being liek super duper dedicated 2 completing the pokedex and pokemas has kris being interested in research so kris is mainly super inspired by leaf because omg... intelligent researcher... i wanna be like her and collect info too...!!

meanwhile ethan is literally the epitome of those people who hype red up as this super cool legendary trainer and wants to be just like him down to appearance and even naming convention and his entire journey is essentially motivated by the desire to copy red without ever really caring much about red as a person and mostly only caring about red as a concept.
(Also he cant copy him 4 shit in terms of personality because he cannot Shut Up for the life of him
also also² ethan's the marill guy from hgss <3. have fun with ur pikablu .

meanwhile lyra...doesnt rlly care much about the kanto trio she just kind of wants 2 have fun. also the one closest 2 being the ""canon protag"" in this verse because i very much have favorites <3 her biggest inspo is kris because she's liek the only other girl her age nearby and she's all cool and collected and smart which lyra is none of those things so 2 lyra shes liek. god. lyra wants 2 be just liek her. <3

in terms of journeying lyras the one who does liek...most the stuff. kris mostly minds her own thing with research but she's super heavily involved with suicune. ethan... well he's journeying!!! hes probably having the least fun of the bunch because he focused too much on imitating red and not really enjoyment especially in contrast 2 lyra and kris who literally just do whatever they want.

when it comes 2 their relationship with silver kris is probably the most distant with him since neither of them really want 2 do anything with eachother but hes still frustrated at getting his ass kicked by her everytime they battle. kris also does Not like him he's an ass and also rude to his pokemon. i partially have them this way bc both ethan/lyra can find out liek more abt silver in hgss via the celebi event and all so hgss players tend 2 be more sympathetic but like before that point he really is just a mean ass kid 4 no reason .

lyras liek the biggest deal of the bunch in the region overall so automatically his eyes r mostly set on defeating her while lyra just thinks he's kind of funny. hes rlly mean but she just thinks it's to a point where it's kind of comical and thinks it'd be boring 2 just ignore or push him away like how One Would Do Rationally considering shes literally just doing this 4 the sillies

ethan is the only who insists on being rivals with silver the most because omg...red had a rival too...if u and i become rivals i will become More Like Red... while silver doesnt really want much to do with him At All even lesser so than with kris because at least kris is liek. respectable as a person. but because of how ethan tends 2 seek him out on purpose they interact a Lot.

i was gonna include more on liek the threes relationships with eachother BUUT i was feeling that i stretched this way too long sooo ill cut it off here 4 now. Thank u 4 requesting me i luv talking about johto... johto protags my beloved... if we get a johto game and either kris or lyra r cut out ill actually cry real tears...
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