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Review PT06: I Turned Into a Gangar!

I really liked this short! In 15 minutes it was able to tell a pretty compelling story. Humans turning into Pokémon isn't something we've seen a lot of outside of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon so I found that aspect pretty interesting (even though they could've done a bit more with it in my opinion). This short was also a bit darker than I expected for a toon aimed at kids, but I was all there for it.

Btw, this was the last of the PokéToon batch that was announced a few months ago, so now I'm wondering whether this was the final PokéToon. I would really like to see more of these. But the announement of more PokéToons a year after the Scraggy and Mimikyu short came as a complete surprise, so I could easily see them releasing more batches in the future.
A classic "ghost stories of school" type of episode, I never understand why we never had them before despite of Alola literally taking place in a school. It always bothered me in the last movie that only Zarude were shown able to talk despite of Koko's supposed ability to talk with pokémon. It makes more sense in here.
That was definitely one of the best PokéToons so far. Mysteries in a school are always a classic and the ideas of a ghost story are always interesting in a world where Ghost Type Pokémon exist. Shoko and the gang were endearing in the short time we spent with them and it was cool to hear the Pokémon able to speak.

If this does turn out to be the last PokéToon then I will be sad but at least they went out with a bang. :bulbaLove:
Bruh, why was this the best thing ever? All the children's designs were soooo adorable. The fat boy with the dot eyes and the purple haired girl with the star eyes were easily my favorite characters. I loved their expressions and how we got a taste of their personalities in such a short video:bulbaLove:
As a sucker for ghost types and Gengar especially, I loved this one! A pretty delightful story with fun characters and the lovely premise of children getting trapped in hell. These whimsical little tales are always nice to see and this was the best way to go about it.
Sol-Lar-Bink (DeviantArt)
That girl with the long sleeves and poofy hair was one of the best character designs I've seen all year. Heck the entire episode was so bouncy and cute, I love that art style. My husband and I remarked when watching that this didn't really feel like Pokémon and that's what I love about these shorts - they show the series in ways I never thought I'd see. It was great. Shoko is precious <3
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