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Contest Pure Ghost-type Showdown!

Who will win between them? No idea...
Who is the most useful overall? No idea again...
Who has the best design? Dusknoir!
Who do you like, all in all? Dusknoir!

I didn't use any of them, so I based this solely on design, and Dusknoir won.
Banette is in the group of being one of my favorite Pokemon. So naturally, it has to be the best. :)
Cofagrigus doesn't appeal at all to me, for some reason.​
Banette was the first ghost I ever used, so I think he's awesome.

Plus I came into this thread intending to vote for Banette thinking I would be the only one that did, but he's actually winning! Whoo!

This Banette spoiler will give you nightmares:
Mismaguis, it is creepy yet beautiful and has a good movepool. Dusknoir is good, too, but I've never used it in battle, as it is a trade evolution. Banette is alright, but its movepool is barren, and Cofagrigus is ugly and boring, and Polteageist is no better, even though it isn't in the poll.
I actually like all four of the choices, but if I had to pick my favorites based on design alone, then Mismagius and Cofagrigus are my picks. Mismagius is a nice mix of beauty and creepy, being based on witches; and Cofagrigus' design being based on the sarcophagus is genius imo, and would have been even cooler if it was introduced in an Egyptian inspired region instead.

By general use, aside from the previous two mentioned I also like using Dusknoir in my teams if I'm able to. Banette, unfortunately, doesn't really see any placement in my teams. Mainly cause from my experience he falls off pretty fast, if he's not boxed right away then he's a temporary placeholder until I catch a different 'mon that I want and/or need.
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