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Review S20 EP03: Loading the Dex!

The thing I was most interested in about the dub was how they'd handed the pokedex entry about the scholar who "died of shock". Amazingly, they changed it to "met his end". It may not be much, but it still impressed me.
So Team Rocket has finally arrived in Alola. YAY! (y)(y)

First things first, I really liked Rotom Dex's introduction in the series. The talking Pokédex is an amazing concept, and I am totally hooked on seeing what the anime does with it. Also, I liked how Rotom Dex is said to be a self-learning Pokédex, makes it more similar to the in-game Pokédexes. And while I prefer the previous versions of anime Pokédex, this derailment seems interesting, and I hope I'm not let down. ;)

So, Mimikyu debuts in the episode. That's a plus; I love that cutie! :X3::X3::X3:

That Bewear and Mimikyu interaction was priceless!

Meowth being comatose was something I expected, more so-wanted, to see when he lifted Mimikyu's disguise. Makes it more true to its Pokédex description. I was honestly surprised, though, to learn that this particular Mimikyu has a personal resentment towards Pikachu. I hope we learn the reason some day as the series progresses.

The Pikachu versus Mimikyu battle was interesting. Mimikyu is a strong battler, no doubt. But wait! What? Why? :eek: Why did Bewear just lift Jessie and James and take them somewhere?! Do they have some history?! WHAT?! Err.. o_O

So, Ash did not catch Mimikyu after all. Makes me wonder what would have happened if he had? Would Mimikyu get over his resentment? Would Mimikyu keep on beating Pikachu? No one knows, and no one needs to! :D
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