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Review S20 EP05: Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!

It would be nice if we had a uniform amount of time for the video to be placed on YouTube.

In other news, the next few episodes (at least 6-8) will air in England this week and weekend before in Canada.
Sarah Natochenny is surprisingly good compared to her work on DP series. She no longer sounds like she's sarcastic.
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It's so nice to finally see this episode in english. I really like Lana's english voice, and some dub music in the episode was good
Did Harper and Sarah keep their English names from the games? And do they still refer to Ash as Lana's boyfriend?
Did Harper and Sarah keep their English names from the games? And do they still refer to Ash as Lana's boyfriend?
Yes Harper and Sarah keep their names. They also ask if Ash is Lana's boyfriend. They don't go really, really, really? but just ask "Are you sure he's not your boyfrieeeend?"

2 more things:
They alternate between calling Rotom Dex "rotom" and "Rotom Dex"
as well as Team Rocket getting carried off by Bewear is now definitely "Off with the new blast!"
Just saw the full episode. And while you could call it a filler, I appreciate getting backstory and development so early into the series. Team Rocket was rather unnecessary, but they were worth seeing Bewear running on water. :ROFLMAO: As for the dub, I was impressed with Rosie Reyes's performance as Lana. The cutesy voice she usually does wasn't bad, but this was her first "serious" role, and I wasn't disappointed. I liked Rotom and Sophocles's needing out too. Harper and Sarah were rather grating on the other hand, but I'm pretty sure that was the point. The dub music was good, if not the most memorable.
I want to point this out now (and I know I've been posting a lot so I'll stop after this)
You guys, and as I've seen in comment sections, will have probably noticed that Wobbuffett's voice sounds...different. DON'T FRET! It's still (that we know of because of @BigDocFan) Jamie Peacock doing the voice. I believe it's just as she is older that she sounds a bit different.
I loved this episode in Japanese and I still love it in English!

I was a little worried about how Lana's voice was going to sound once she spoke more, as all we'd heard before were small sentences and her voice, while cute, seemed almost ridiculously high pitched and I was worried she'd be unlistenable. After this episode, however, I have to say that Lana has a really wonderful voice. It's very sweet with an innocence to it, and it definitely doesn't sound cartoonishly high pitched. She had some great lines as well. Hopefully the same happens for Lillie because I'm still not sold on her voice just yet.

Sarah and Harper are so adorable, I really hope we get to see more of them in the future! I found it interesting that their "really, really, really" was dropped but Lana's response of it was kept.

I also just really love the interaction between the classmates. I am SO glad that they get a little snippy with each other and it's not just everyone being weirdly content and unbothered all the time. The exchange during fishing between Mallow, Kiawe, and Sophocles was so funny. And Ash and Mallow telling Rotom to be quiet after critiquing their fishing skills was also gold.

This is still one of my favorite SM episodes so far. It's just so much fun.
Just leaving an opinion here since I'm only watching the dub just to have mindless fun by now, but I honestly cannot take it seriously at this point.

Natochenny's Ash is admittedly better than her Delia nowadays, but I feel her Ash sounds too effeminate and teenage like at many points, for a ten year old boy, to me. It's too bad they got rid of Taylor, really, I liked both her Ash (and definitely her Delia) performances much more. :-(

I think the current dub's Team Rocket are a thousand times worse, though, I absolutely can't stand Cathcart's James/Meowth or Knotz's Jessie portrayals, or the writing that goes behind their dialogue (some examples from today's episode being "Gadzooks," "Hi ho," "Zip that lip," REALLY?). At least 4Kids made Team Rocket sound natural with their dialogue, and the voice acting from Stuart (even at his worst), Lillis, and Blaustein was vastly more fitting for their characterizations (heck, even Lewis & Price were better as James/Meowth than JCC imo).

Samson Oak sounds okay, Marc Thompson's growing on me there: it beats listening to current dub Professor Oak, at the very least.

I still don't like Lillie or Mallow's dub voices, they both sound way too old and like adult women trying to sound like little girls, than little girls itself to me.

Lana's voice actress has a real inconsistency in her pitch- at the start of the episode, she sounded good, but later on it turned into this nasally cold-ish type voice and this adult woman-like voice at different points, she needs to work on maintaining a proper pitch. However, I think Rosie Reyes fits her part more than her counterparts Laurie Hymes or Rebecca Soler do above, but it still needs work.

Kiawe's actor still has the VOICE down, but the ACTING is very wooden- it's like what Dogasu said about Sarah Natochenny's Ash in early BF having "Luffy-itis" really, because that's what I think of Marc Swint's performance here.

The only dub voice I genuinely find to be consistently fitting in Sun & Moon so far is Alyson Rosenfeld's Sophocles, it's a good fit (much better than her Bonnie, which I found really bad, last saga).

And yes, I noticed how off Kayzie Rogers' Wobbuffet performance has been as of late, it was sounding better last episode, but declined again here- she's having inconsistency issues as of late trying to do the voice (I too suspect it's due to her age).

Script, better than usual, but some of TR's lines are still cringe-worthy and I disliked Ash's "'Fraid so" line, but it's not as downright painful as it usually is- I doubt this will last, though, BW's dub played out a bit better than usual in this aspect as well, and regressed back to DP & XY dub "standards" with the script once we got late into Season 14, so I'm not holding my breath on it just yet.

The music situation is so dire that all I can say is it's disappointing that only 3-4 pieces are kept on average in the SM dub, and the dub music that is used is entirely inappropriately placed & composed- elevator music when running, xylophone music when TR blast off, circus music when casual scenes play out, it's just...no, just no.

Like with Team Rocket in general, 4Kids also handled the music much better imo, when they were around (even at their worst, at least the dub music was listenable, and they kept more of the OST intact as well, by this point).
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I thought the episode sounded fine, though I'll still never quite understand why almost all the original music gets replaced these days. I also really miss Manny Corrallo as the dub composer, not to besmirch Goldfarb.

Also, is it just me or does Jessie's Wobbuffet sound a lot different in the Sun and Moon anime? I'm pretty sure it's still Kayzie Rogers doing the voice, but it seems like she really changed it up for this series.

Fun fact -- When I checked my channel guide for this episode the day it aired, the episode title looked like this:

View: https://twitter.com/GamingXperience/status/853310138022862849

Pretty crazy, right?
Just checking the cast lists for SM003, Kayzie Rogers isn't the credited actress for Wobbuffet, for now I'll assume it a mistake on Lisa Ortiz's part, will get back to if on that

That voice Wobb is very different. Sarah N. is listed as her at the moment.
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