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Review S21 EP07: Faba's Revenge!

Our little Nebby has evolved! I wonder who is in charge of reading WTP for this episode? Ash and the Alolan Gand or maybe Ash, Gladion, Lillie and Lusamine?
Sarah Natochenny
Laurie Hymes
Jessica Paquet
Rosie Reyes
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Marc Swint
Rodger Parsons
Rebecca Becker
Sam Black
Kate Bristol
Roger Callagy
Carter Cathcart
Daniel J Edwards
Abe Goldfarb
Bobbi Hartley
Melissa Hope
Emily Jenness
Riley Joseph
Michele Knotz
Eddy Lee
Michael Liscio Jr.
Lisa Ortiz
Haven Paschall
Ben Phillips
Lori Phillips
Erica Schroeder
Eileen Stevens
Marc Thompson


View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EORUiAWKCcc

Extra Scene because Wynaut

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEfLGBvpzW0
Stock footage lol.

Lille's so excited about Pokehugs lol. Now she even dives on them!

Turtonator would be an interesting one. Oh, here we go. I didn't expect the hug to work lol. I thought she'd die. ...oh she did lol.

Gladian the Edgehog.

I wanna see Turtonator try jumping...

They're such show offs. They deserved failure lol.

WHY IS FABA A MAGICIAL GIRL. I'M TERRIFIED. A "fabulous" voice would've fit to that better.

Turtonator is just dancing lol. Although it did seem to be jumping by the end. and I feel like Rotom's arms would break with this much rotation. Also... since when is PE a thing here.

Nebby is too dumb to know when it's a trap lol.

Team Rocket knowing when someone is disguised. This is a new unheard of power in Pokemon.

"If I use Nebby's teleport I can go anywhere." - mate, your Alakazam has that move too.

Lillie owns a spaceship. Good to know.

Lille would probably just get in the way lol. she didnt even go in game.

Seems like a bad idea to go to work when everyone is looking for you lol.

So Faba is the evil murderer this time instead of Lusamine. Kinda boring.

Ash tackled an adult. Impressive actually. Then he touched a massive electric thing like that. Dumb lol

Evolution distracts from a massive wormhole opening up, apparently.

Lol, Lusamine was happy to see Nihilego. Guess she's still obsessed with it in this universe.

Dazzling Gleam is a psychical attack now. Cool. Also, shame she wasn't aware of the typing of it lol. She needs to get better at being obsessed with it.

Ooh loads of them. I did think that it'd weird for only one to come out when you go and there's a billion. Then again... this is probably double team huh?

Lusamine nice mum. Also they really should've tried helping her when she was being abducted lol. Even if it hurts her, it's better than going to tentacle land. Then again she "likes" Nihilego lol. I reckon it's the same one and it's still made Lille stoles its appearance so now it's taken her mum as REVENGE.

Interesting developments but I think Faba is a little too "Team Rocket" for my tastes.
Day 7/the 2nd last day of the marathon and this season has now got me way too interested now cuz Let's talk about what happened here! Faba attempting to summon an Ultra Beast, him kidnapping Nebby and bringing it back to Aether, using Nebby's Ultra Aura to open up an Ultra wormhole and evolving into Cosmoem too, and then the ending scene where Lusamine practically sacrifices herself to the Nilhelego to protect the kids. Damn this had everything and oh yeah, how could I forget the scene in which Ash freaking tackles Faba in the gut to stop his plan. This episode I swear has way too many things going for it and then the to be continued shot of Lillie's reaction what just happened.... Brilliant. Goes without saying a 10/10 for me! Tomorrow's episode better end the marathon in style cuz I think we at that high point now.
They've done well with making Faba look like a d**k...
  • The episode kicks off by literally playing back the final moments of the previous episode. Though I suppose it sounds worse than it will be when not watched in a marathon.
  • Did...did she just say "real-Lillie"? She must have been spending a lot of time around Samson Oak lately.
  • I'll give some credit to Faba's VA – as tiring as I find the character, he sounds like he's having a blast with his role.
  • Leave it to Team Rocket to judge a fellow villain's uncoolness by their disguise. He does a better job than they do, if only barely.
  • Hate to be that guy, but that's what happens when you let Nebby be able to get out of the bag.
  • Lillie's family is rich enough to have their own private jet. Figures, but lucky them.
  • Faba finally got his just deserts. And Ash proves to be impressively strong for his age.
  • So people found Lillie literally crying out for mommy cringeworthy. Understandable, but if I was in her shoes I'd be pretty much at my breaking point too.
  • Man, that was some cliffhanger they left us off on. I suppose there's a lot to like on what we did get, though. Just more than a little worried they're rushing the finale.
I both liked and disliked the jump rope section. I liked it because it was incredibly funny. Ash revealed that he's a jump rope king, Kiawe twirling the rope just looked funny as hell, plus he finally did something with Marowak, and Lillie was just adorable jumping with everyone's Pokemon. But I disliked it because WHY THEY HELL ARE THEY JUMPING ROPE?! What happened to actual school lessons in this show? Most of the time, all they're doing is arts and crafts or P.E. Where is the learning? o_O

Faba acting like a full on magical girl with his net was really just plain weird :/ But anyway, it was annoying as hell for TR to, as usual, butt into a situation they didn't need to be apart of. It was great that Nebby left them stuck with Bewear. Served them right. Thankfully they didn't ruin Faba's plan all too much.

Of all of the shocking things in this episode, the biggest was definitely Ash throwing himself at Faba. I would have never expected that. Similarly, it seems Lusamine has a love/hate relationship with Nihilego since she seemed happy to see it (which isn't surprising since it is something she aspired to see), but then got upset when she realized, "Oh sh*t, my daughter is terrified of this this thing. Lemme protect her.".

I love how Snowy, Umbreon, and Silvally jumped up seemingly to protect Gladion, yet not one of them did a damn thing to Nihilego when it was coming in for the kill. Thankfully his mom knows how to put in work to protect her son. (y)

Great episode overall. Only TR took away some of the enjoyment. 8/10.
Though his voice was rather surprising and not at all how I would see Faba sound like I'm actually enjoying Daniel J Edwards in the role. Found the magical girl referencing part quite funny.
Hmm... so, Faba's missing now. Wonder what he's up to.

Hah, Lillie's so excited at being able to touch all sorts of Pokémon again. Happy for her. :)(y)

Jump rope? That's fun actually. :X3:

Not sure how summoning an Ultra Beast restores Faba's reputation, but whatever.

Bonus points for being a magical girl in disguise.

There's a guy sweeping the ground with a net... Pretty sure there's nothing wrong with it, eh, Ash, Kiawe. o_O

Turtonator jumping(?) over the rope was absolutely funny. :LOL:

Faba has stooped down to Team Rocket level when it comes to disguises. Oof! LOL even the trio admits... :p

Faba used Scary Face! :eek:

A private jet below the battlefield. Damn! :eek:

So, the group has come to thwart Faba's plan... phew. Hope you fire him now, Lusamine.

So, Cosmog evolved into Cosmoem. That's great! (y)

Lusamine's grin at Nihilego's appearance... *shudders* :eek:

So, Lusamine ends up sacrificing herself for her children's sake. That's beautiful actually, considering how Lusamine has been portrayed as having favored her office in place of her children lately, and doing so was a nice way to show she wanted to redeem herself. Such a tragic twist to her story; I legit got goosebumps during that scene. (y):oops:(y)

This episode was so full of interesting developments. 10/10. Can't wait for the group to visit Ultra Deep Sea.
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