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Review S22 EP04: Don't Ignore the Small Stufful!

I thought this one was well put together, and there were actually a few lines from Team Rocket that actually made me chuckle!

Cast List:
Sarah Natochenny
Laurie Hymes
Rodger Parsons

Additional Voices:
Roger Callagy
Carter Cathcart
Ryan William Downey
Daniel J Edwards
Abe Goldfarb
Bobbi Hartley
Melissa Hope
Emily Jenness
Riley Joseph
Michele Knotz
Ted Lewis
Michael Liscio Jr.
Lisa Ortiz
Ben Phillips
Bill Rogers
Erica Schroeder
Marc Thompson
Pete Zarustica

Now THAT's a lotta voices, both old and new in this episode.
Sarah Natochenny: Ash
Laurie Hymes: Lillie
Rodger Parsons: Narrator
Roger Callagy: Rotom
Carter Cathcart: James/Meowth
Ryan William Downey: Wimpod
Daniel J Edwards: Faba
Abe Goldfarb: Kukui
Bobbi Hartley: Lusamine
Melissa Hope: Burnet/Mareanie
Emily Jenness: Snowy
Riley Joseph: Wicke
Michele Knotz: Jessie/Stufful/Bewear/Whimsicott/Jigglypuff
Ted Lewis: Giovanni
Michael Liscio Jr.: Lycanroc
Lisa Ortiz: Torracat
Ben Phillips: Hobbes
Bill Rogers: Sudowoodo
Erica Schroeder: Wobbuffet/Eevee
Marc Thompson
Pete Zarustica

Not entirely sure what Pokemon from Aether Speak, always nice to see Pete Zarustica credited

Remembered that Wimpod appears in the Eevee segment
I'm just curious why Jason Griffith left since he is still recording voiceovers for Yu-Gi-Oh! spots.
He moved over to LA with his recent appearance being in the ADR loop group for The Lego Movie 2.

Some of the last things he did in NY were whatever Pokemon episodes Drampa was in, Lu over The Wall and Mazinger Z: Infinity (unless he did those two at NYAV Post’s LA studio, I don’t know)
As expected, Erica Schroeder confirms she is the voice of Eevee, calling it Eevee until we have a confirmed dub nickname

This episode is ADORABLE!!!

Michele Knotz has to be the best actress this episode, Riley Joseph coming in second as Wicke
I can safely say you can ignore this episode as it's nothing but pure Filler, and even the addition of Stuffel to Bewear's family doesn't change the dynamic at all

Stuffel's entire existence is an early warning system for Bewear - what was once random is now clearly telegraphed and removes most of the fun of when and where Bewear will show up
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