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Review S23 EP17: Kicking It From Here Into Tomorrow!

I enjoyed this episode a lot more than I thought I would. Darmantian and Scorbunny having a faux p***ing contest with their fire type moves was funny. Chloe's sass towards Ash's noises when helping Scorbunny was fire. Gou being innocently insensitive when telling Scorbunny he shouldn't bother with Ember was cringe inducing (in a good way!) and his complete blanking on what a phone booth was had me face palming alongside Meowth. Nice to see Chewtle again with his deadpan expression. Wow, Team Rocket were quite the punching bag this episode, blasting off twice in one go. Scorbunny's unusual usage of Ember by the end clearly foreshadowing his transformation into Cinderace. Speaking of, RIP to the cute Scorbunny who is now the edgey teenager Raboot, hopefully this character arc will be better handled than Charmander -> Charizard.
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I remember complaining when this episode first aired in Japan that it did Goh absolutely no favors. The same goes for the dub, although I don't know how much that would've changed, honestly. Goh's lines were definitely snobbish and bratty, as they were in the original. This was just an absolutely terrible episode for his character overall. I felt so bad for Scorbunny the whole time.

Team Rocket were the highlights of this episode, quite honestly. I love how they dubbed the game they were playing and think they also did an excellent job dubbing the "this is a phone booth" scene. Chewtle is adorable, I want to see more of it! First good thing to come out of that awful machine.

Ash also had some cute/funny lines, even though they're beating the "make silly noises to try and explain things" gag into the ground. Chloe being done with Goh and Ash's nonsense was also perfect. I just adore her dub voice, she sounds so tired of it all the time.

I also still don't like how early the evolution was, or how anticlimactic it felt. That's a big letdown. This is also one of the times where I really missed the "to be continued" tag at the end, because I feel like the episode ended kind of abruptly/awkwardly and having that would've helped the transition to the credits.

Pretty good episode overall, save for the pathetic job at portraying Goh and any growth he's gotten up to this point and the rush job evolution.
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