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Review S23 EP24: A Little Rocket R & R!

Apr 2, 2017
Reaction score
Sarah Natochenny
Zeno Robinson
James Carter Cathcart
Michele Knotz
Rodger Parsons
Ray Chase
Casey Mongillo
Tara Jayne Sands

Justin Anselmi
Christian Banas
Sam Black
Jason Griffith
Emily Jenness
Billy Kametz
Ted Lewis
Mike Liscio
Lisa Ortiz
Mike Pollock
H.D. Quinn
Bill Rogers
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Erica Schroeder
Billy Bob Thompson
Marc Thompson
Philip Thompson
Cristina Vee
Quite a stacked cast for this one. I actually had no clue Pollock was in the episode until just now.
I want to watch this episode, but I don't have Netflix! Does anyone know any other way to watch it?
Edit: Guess I'll have to wait for it to be uploaded somewhere...
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Watching the episode, I had to groan at the accents Team Rocket put on, they felt like cowboys.

A good episode with great work from Emily Jeyness as Matori, hope we see her again as she is much better than the trio
Something about the accents is at least funny, if nothing else.
An unusual episode to be sure. I've made no secret in the past that I think the TRio should have been retired a long time ago, but these formula breaking episodes do make their presence more tolerable at least.

I cringed so hard at the southern accents the TRio put on, it also got a bit repetitive that Ash/Gou would stumble into them just as they needed help several times. Seeing bae Matori again is always nice. The Giovanni imagine spots were thankfully toned down compared to the past.

That Magikarp breaking through the roof at the end, poor Sakuragi. I wonder if that'll be a running gag where Gou's Pokémon keep breaking his park. :unsure:
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