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Review S23 EP43: Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day!

Apr 2, 2017
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Sarah Natochenny
Zeno Robinson
James Carter Cathcart
Michele Knotz
Rodger Parsons
Casey Mongillo

Barron Bass
Brittany Cox
Jason Griffith
Billy Kametz
Jennifer Losi
Daman Mills
Robb Moreira
Mary O'Brady
Alejandro Saab
Erica Schroeder
Marc Thompson
Not a lot to say about this episode.

It was nice seeing Gengar as well fighting under Ash. Makes it all the more annoying when it and Dragonite don't turn up for no apparent reason. When Chairman Rose was talking about looking out for promising trainers, I felt like he should have recognised Ash since he's the first ever Champion of the Alola Region, but whatever. Interesting that Gou referenced seeing Eternatus way back when. Will they fix that seeming plothole I wonder.

Hmm...not sure what to make of this arc now that we're halfway through it.
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