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Review S25 EP32: Valor: A Strategic Part of Battling!


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Nov 2, 2016
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This week's episode has aired on Teletoon in Canada. Please keep all spoilers in spoiler tags. Besides you don't want to get crushed by a giant Togekiss now do ya?

Voice Characterization -

Sarah Natochenny
Zeno Robinson
James Carter Cathcart
Michele Knotz
Cherami Leigh
Rodger Parsons
Casey Mongillo

Additional Voices -

A.J. Beckles
Stephen Fu
Vanessa Gardner (Vanessa Johannson)
Kyle Hebert
Megan Hollingshead
Emily Jenness (Emily Bauer)
Lisa Ortiz
H.D. Quinn (Tyler Bunch)
Bill Rogers
Alejandro Saab
Sean Schemmel (uncredited)
Erica Schroeder
Marc Thompson
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So, I'm noticing it more with this episode, but.......anyone else not really a fan of Cynthia's Garchomp's English dub voice.....like at all? In my opinion, it's really not that good at all. It comes off as too nasally and shrieky, and doesn't have enough deepness to it. Should've stuck to the Japanese voice for this one. Its original Japanese voice was my favorite, but even the new Japanese voice it got in Journeys was better than this English dub mess of a voice. (Ash's Noivern had a similar dilemma.)
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