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Seeking help for Competitive Assault Vest Glaceon Build

Azure Night

New Member
Feb 27, 2024
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So I am looking to make a Competitive Glaceon that can take hits and dish them back out. This build would mostly be for Doubles and some Singles with another Pokemon Batton Passing to her.

In Pokemon Violate I have a Glaceon with this current build--
Ability: Snow Cloak
Item: Assault Vest
-Ice Beam
-Freeze Dry
-Mud Shot
-Shadow Ball
Nature: Modest
HP: 291 (EVs 80)
ATK: 139
DEF: 300 (EVs 176)
SP.ATK: 394 (EVs 252)
SP.DEF: 226
SPD: 168

What could I do to better set her up for a competitive match?
Maybe replace Mud Shot with Water Pulse, but I'm not sure otherwise.
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