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Serial codes for Diancie to be distributed starting Nov. ...

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Nov 13, 2005
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Serial codes for Diancie to be distributed starting Nov. ...

At select retail stores in Australia and New Zealand, serial codes for Diancie will be distributed between Nov. 10 and Nov. 28.

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I was just at EBGames Johnsonville (New Zealand) and they're giving away Diance codes as a preorder bonus with ORAS.
They also have 5 shiny Gengars left.
I kind of wished they'd do more online events ...
Extra Diancie code, anyone? I'm in Asia, and obviously, we cannot get any codes for Diancie. Pls PM me.
I absolutely agree, I had known about this and the one for the shiny Gengar for some time but due to my busy schedule I never was able to find the time to make it out to the nearest GameStop, thus ultimately missing out on my very own Shiny Gengar. Not that I don't have one, I do by 'other' means but I would have liked to have my own obtained via an event. More online distributions are needed, in my opinion.
After you pick up the Diancie from the girl in the Pokemon Center, two people approach me about research on Diancie and ask if I will hand over Diancie. I know that they would put you in a situation where you'd lose your new Pokemon, but does anything change whether you choose "No Way!" or "All right..."?
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