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Review SM025: Fighting for a Crystal! Rocket-dan VS Skull-dan!!

The episode was really good, Team Rocket and Team Skull's interactions were amusing, the battle against the Totem was good, the class learning Z-Poses was fun the watch, and Team Rocket gained a Darkinium-Z. 6/10
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Everyone has been willing Jessie to be a host for today's PokeProblem section, but that didn't come true. Instead, James appears as a host for today's PokeProblem.
Another good one, Team Rocket bagged themselves a Z ring and the interaction between them and Team Skull were enjoyable.

4/5 from me.

Next week, it's clickbait time! Or is it?
I thought this episode was pretty good, and the interactions betwen Team Skull and Team Rocket were neat.

My original thoughts for this episode was that either TR and TS both fail and Ash gets it, TS gets it and gives it to Gladion, or Bewear comes in at the last minute to save TR and grab the Z-Stone. The outcome was different then expected.

Some nice little things that I liked:

-Girl Skull constantly showing affection for Meowth.

-Meowth is the king of the hill in the giant dogpile.

-Mareanie gag returns after 11 episodes.

-RotomDex sings the ending for a brief moment.

-Ash doesn't hijack the episode.

-Mimikyu being the MVP of the episode.

-The new base of TR being shown again.

-Jessie and James's concern for Meowth after he gets hurt.

-More TR progress. I can definitely infer they won't be static characters this series.

-Bewear doesn't ruin the episode.

My only nitpick is that Wobbuffet is once again neglected during the battle. It hasn't been used once this series.

I'm honestly surprised T.R won this round. But can't wait for subs to pop up
"Tupper" is a jerk. "Aniki no Baka!"
Surprisingly, TR get the crystal.
"Zip", where is your Yungoos?

Really good episode, one of the best SM episodes. OVERALL SCORE: 9/10.
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Honestly, Team Rocket won fair and clear. And yet, Meowth created a cardboard version of Z-bracelet in which doesn't quite work because Meowth doesn't know any dark-type moves at all. In order to get a Z-bracelet,Team Rocket must fight with a kahuna or either Trial captain. I don't mind them trying to steal Ash's bracelet, but I guess they will try to do it.
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I don't mind them trying to steal Ash's bracelet, but I guess they will try to do it.
Or Kiawe's, but he won't be happy about the Z-bracelet stealing.

This is an overall fun episode, Ash and his friends are busy in school while Team Rocket and Team Scull are fighting over the Z-cyrstal. I find it funny that Meowth thinks that he can use a Z-move from his coin witch obviously doesn't work that way, sorry to burst your bubble Meowth. XD It's amusing to watch this one Team Skull grunt that ran off to get the Z-crystal himself while everyone else struggles with the totem Pokemon gets blasted as everyone just watches, this is why cheaters don't win dude.
Rotodex was talking about Iron Tail, I'm assuming they were saying that Pikachu could actually use the Steel type Z-move? I was expecting to never see that, but now that they've mention Pikachu can, we might just get to
Rotodex was talking about Iron Tail, I'm assuming they were saying that Pikachu could actually use the Steel type Z-move? I was expecting to never see that, but now that they've mention Pikachu can, we might just get to

Given Steel Wing is also a thing Rowlet could get another Z-option.

(Speaking of which I wonder how long until we see Litten Normal Z?)
A lot of super bits and pieces and plot moving forward, though if I'm totally honest (disloyal as this may make me seem), the episode didn't hold my attention that well. I don't know if it was because it jumped too much between the TR/TS scenes and school or what.

That being said, so much nice character stuff. Kojiro now feels like the established knowledge bank cum engineer, and it is so wonderful to see him in this role. At points when he served as nothing other than a counterpoint to Musashi, his raison d'etre had felt the most weak. Considering just how wonderful he has always been, I'm glad he gets to DO something these days! Another development for the better is Musashi and Nyasu being allowed to demonstrate closeness to each other (y)

The Skull grunts are magic. The unjustifiable loyalty and belief in "aniki" was just too much!! Who knew they were so tiny though... I look forward to their next appearance.

Mimikyu is the ****ing bomb. And Kiteruguma. I live for their scenes, honestly. Sonansu however is being criminally underused. He literally hasn't done anything since arriving in Alola. Please use him somehow, it doesn't have to be battling but I actually forget he's even there sometimes! I can't even remember if he was part of the battle against Ratta!

SPEAKING OF OMG THAT RATTA WAS CRAY CRAY!!!!! Too much to hope we see it again?

I tend to be repulsed by cute stuff, but Suiren is so wholesome! This episode has convinced me that the crystals are going to end up distributed between the entire cast, or, if nothing else, that Suiren will get one.

The track that played at the beginning of the episode is fantastic. Is it new?
Can't believe I forgot to mention this in the first post, but did anyone else catch that tiniest little moment when that psycho Ratta first attacks the TRio and Kojiro jumps between Bite and Musashi/Nyasu?! :X3: Reason 541354315381687151421 why Kojiro is the dream.

ETA: Gotta give it to the internet for always providing...
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I loved the rivalry between TR and TS. It wasn't hateful or any sense of ''I'm gonna destroy you'', but more lighthearted in a ''we'll show you who's the best'' kind of way. Very playful, very charming. For some reason I really loved how the one TS grunt caught Mareanie in his arms instead of letting it crash in the ground. And I can't be the only one who haven't realized that Mimikyu knew Wood Hammer, can I? I really hope Meowth and the female grunt becomes a thing in later episodes. I can see that being it's own episode at one point. Meowth leaving to be with her or she trying to catch Meowth at some point.
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