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Review SM078: Ultra Beast Clash! The Great Crackling Rumble Operation!!

What a great episode! Facing on both Blacephalon & Xurkitree creating a power conversion to distract both of them. Before Ash and Lycanroc perform Splintered Stormshards to defeat them and get capture, before releasing them back. Where to the Ultra Space. Now. we really see a reference of Total Recall 1990, wouldn't you guys?
Well at least I won't see hundreds of fics telling me Ash should have kept these Ultra Beasts for himself...

God this UB mini-arc or whatever it is sucks balls. No interest whatsoever, especially because I know 5 mins of the episode will be filled with reused henshin/launching animation.

Iwane had his moments and thumbs up for Lillie's horrible throwing action (I'm with you girl), but overall I'm annoyed that these two consecutive Thursdays I've had off have been drained by two utterly dull episodes!
I think I know what reference that was when Ash and Kiawe made that expression. It's from Pop Team Epic.
Did they mention something about performing?
Yes they did. Apparently Xurkitree and Blacephalon were having a performance battle, so Ash decided that they should do a performance too, which worked as a good distraction and gave Ash and Lycanroc the chance to use their Z-Move on them to weaken them for capture.
I always feel like these Ultra Beast/Guardian episodes are a bit lacking. These are super powered alien Pokemon from another world the gang is dealing with. You'd expect that all of their appearances would be a bit more epic. But in almost every single instance, the Ultra Beast plot just ends up being something that I could see happening with any regular old Pokemon. Here Blacephelon and Xurkitree just seemed to have an obsessing with showing off and creating a light show. Sure it was cool looking, but it didn't seem like anything that couldn't be done with another normal Pokemon.

That said, I did enjoy this episode more than the previous ones. I thought it was nice that Blacephelon didn't act threatening toward the humans and instead put on a show for them. I also thought the idea of the Ultra Beasts trying to out perform each other was cute. Lastly, I loved that Lana and Lillie caught the UBs this time, instead of Ash.

Decent episode, but once again, I feel that it could have been better. 8/10.
Now, we only left with Pheromosa, Kartana, Guzzlord, Stakataka and Naganadel. Before, the Shenlong of Pokémon (Necrozma) appears.
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