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Preview SM092: Kukui's Desperate Situation! Another Royal Mask!!

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Jan 21, 2010
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Episode title was found in the new Pokefan magazine. Credit for translation goes to Dephender on Serebii forums.


The Superhero of the Battle Royal! The Royal Mask's Identity Gets Exposed?!

The Royal Mask and Gaogaen are a super popular duo from the "Battle Royal", where 4 Pokémon fight at the same time! But now the identity of the intense, powerful and awesomely cool Royal Mask ends up exposed?!

I want to meet the Royal Mask!!
Satoshi and Professor Burnet are huge Royal Mask fans! They're overjoyed at getting to attend a handshake event with him, but...

The Royal Mask is at risk of getting the true identity he's been hiding up to this point exposed! What will you do, Professor Kukui?!

But then... a fake makes his appearance?!
No matter how you look at it, the Royal Mask that appears at the handshake event is just way too slim! What's the deal with this?!

The focal Pokémon: GAOGAEN
The Royal Mask's partner, and the one that knows him better than anyone else. Come on, tell us which of them is the real Royal Mask!

"Kukui Up Against the Wall! A Second Royal Mask?!" will air October 14th! (airdate and time may differ between areas)
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Faba is the one, that responsibility for exposing his alias. Shouldn't trust that old hug, doesn't it?
Looks like another promising episode, Faba will probably try and help protect Kukui's real identity, I actually trust him more now
And yet, Kukui promised Faba not to tell Ash and his classmates he is the Masked Royale.
Again Masked Royal? Pff I at least hope Ash his Terrocat evolve. Looks like Faba with his beard. And he is so skinny
After 92 episodes, Kukui finally gets an episode solely about a problem of his. Meanwhile, Team Skull's record is 93 and counting...

Seeing Faba again is awesome.

I'm intrigued whether Royal Mask's identity will be revelated here or if they'll drag that subplot a bit more.
...put a shirt on, Faba :sick:

Though the kicker will be seeing him disguising one of his Pokemon as Incineroar :ROFLMAO:
It's nice that Kukui is finally getting to meet Masked Royal

A little skinnier than on television though...
Meanwhile, Team Skull's record is 93 and counting...
Team Skull have had more episodes about them than Masked Royal though

The first episode, Rocket vs Skull, the one where everyone worked at the Pokémon Center, and the Mina episode
Team Skull have had more episodes about them than Masked Royal though

The first episode, Rocket vs Skull, the one where everyone worked at the Pokémon Center, and the Mina episode

As well as SM05, SM11, SM24, SM27, and SM65.

That's 9 episodes. Not bad. If it weren't for the LONG gaps between appearances after SM27 (and the screenwriters screwing them over) they'd be doing fairly well.
Heck, for a while in SM's early days I thought they might break Flare's record for most episodes with a (non-Rocket) Villain Team...
(though at least they'll beat Plasma, Aqua-Magma, and maybe Galactic)
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Why do I get the feeling that Kukui set this whole thing up to dodge the handshake event? He may have put Faba in his place so he could go as himself and not have to vanish again.
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Ok this is going to be amazing. Sauboh is turning out to be the best comedy villain of the series so him coming in clutch to save Kukui's arse should be excellent fun!
I hope we get some much needed Torracat focus.
At the same time though, I'm tired of Torracat's focus being tied to Kukui & Incineroar. Its introduction arc did a wonderful job of detailing its backstory as well as emotional depth with Stoutland. Since then, we've gotten nothing like that. They need to continue developing its character on its own four paws rather than inserting it wherever the Royal Mask is.
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