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Preview SM128: The Curtain Rises! The Alola Pokémon League!!

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Jul 17, 2013
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Airs June 30, 2019
Episode info and translation credit goes to Dephender.

Satoshi and the others have finally arrived at Manalo Stadium, where the Alola Pokémon League will be held.
But the Rocket Gang and the Skull Gang are there as well!!

As a bit of trivia, this episode's Japanese airing will take place 3 years after the Kalos League which began on June 30, 2016 in Japan.
I need to know what does ‘Team skull’ mean... the three grunts or Guzma and co.? Because if its the former its going to be meh, but if its the latter then we’re getting some good stuff.
Ash plz bring back some of your older mons (like Goukazaru) it's been 2 generations without them :cry:

Goukazaru vs. Kukui's Gaogaen in the finals, that's the dream...

Meltan will not evolve before the League??

Also, if SM ends at 138, the League will last for about 7-8 episodes.
I doubt it will last that long, I don't see a lot of battles, or long ones at least

And that's why I explicitly said if SM ends at 138. A more than three episodes long closure arc after the League seems too long.
....I'd actually be interested in seeing a longer league because I am pretty sure Pokemon's the only series that doesn't have long tournament arcs. Seriously, especially if they are going to have more characters in it they can afford a few more episodes to it.
Goukazaru vs. Kukui's Gaogaen in the finals, that's the dream...
Infernape's my favourite Pokemon owned by Ash, but Torracat does not need to have its ONLY (literally) opponent for this series handled by someone else...
Its going to be the worst disgrace in this series for me if they only had Torracat get any focus and battle literally ONE person and that too is handled badly.

Torracat's on the verge of being the worst handled starter for me, and if it doesn’t get battled at the league...
Torracat does not need to have its ONLY (literally) opponent for this series handled by someone else...

Gaogaen is too lit to become Nyaheat's literal opponent... That cat had more charisma and character before it evolved... Nyaheat is such a sad case that it even makes Torkoal look good... And SM125 won't change my opinion on it I reckon.
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I highly doubt that the series will turn battle-heavy all of a sudden. There are things to do after this league is wrapped up.
I feel so bad for Hau.

One of the more enjoyable Pokèmon rivals in the game and yet anime-wise, he has had ONE, just one single episode with no time whatsoever to give him some extra appearances (Cameron, Sawyer, even Gladion).
Since Ash and his classmates will be competing in this league, the only problem is the full team of six Pokemon. I mean, Ash has 5 Pokemon, Kiawe has 2, not counting his Charizard, Sophocles two, Lana 2, Mallow 1, and also taking care of Shaymin, and Lillie with just one Pokemon. A trainer must have a full team in order to compete to the league.
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