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Preview SM129: The Great Fray! Battle Royal 151!!

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Knowing Playerking95, the source has to be reliable.

:lapras: Are you serious?

Whatever, I think I found Playerking's "source."

Google translate:

Qualifier Battle Royal has begun. 151 pairs of Pokemon and trainers fought and 16 pairs survived
It is a survival match that can advance to the final tournament.
Can Satoshi decide to advance to the finals tournament while strong players are competing?
Junichi Fujisaki Yoshitaka Makino Tokuaki Saito Shinjo Shin

I don't know how reliable is this.
So they turned the Pokémon League into a glorified Battle Royal tournament? Oh, joy! :bulbaFacepalm:.

Considering how lackluster the past Battle Royals have been, I expect this episode to be very boring, to say the least. Maybe even slightly annoying if they sneak in their usual comedic moments and BS unearned victories.
And yet another Gen one reference...

And my suspicions of OHKOs just went up...

^sigh^ Just as I thought, this is less of a League more of a BW Battle Club (which themselves were like the World Martial Arts Tournament from Dragon Ball)
The good news is that this confirms that Mallow, Sophocles and Lillie will get some wins for sure.

Though let's take with a grain of salt. They don't even have this on the Serebii forums <_<
Adamant said:
The Battle Royal Preliminaries have started. This is a survival match where 151 Pokémon and Trainers will fight, and the 16 winners will be able to continue to the knockout round. But with all these strong competitors present, will Satoshi and the others be able to secure a spot?

Screenplay 藤咲淳一 (Junichi Fujisaku)
Storyboard 齋藤徳明 (Noriaki Saito)
Episode Director 牧野吉高 (Yoshitaka Makino)
Animation Director 新城真 (Makoto Shinjō)
Looks like we'll reach to the quarter-finals in a jiff!
I'm suspecting Soph, Mallow and the Skull trio (if participating) get knocked out here. Trio with their present resources should be able to win this round but I've got a feeling that the writers will pull another asspull to make them lose.

I’m expecting Torracat to be used for obvious reasons.
So this is just a really obvious way to get rid of all the irrelevant contestants and place Ash and his pals and everyone else who actually matters in this tournament in the top 16. Well, subtly was never SuMo's strong point. :p
So given that most of the classmates besides Ash and Kiawe don’t even have at least 3 Pokémon, if any of them make it past the preliminaries, this is gonna be an even worse top 16 than Indigo.
I'd actually not be against a Battle Royal opening round in theory: Double battles were a thing for the Hoenn League's earlier rounds back in the day.

Though I am curious if the royale knockout has any mon limits? For example of what I mean

Ash goes in with Pikachu, Rowlet, Lycanroc, Torracat, and Meltan. He has to lose all five to be expelled.

Meanwhile Lillie goes in with Snowy and Magearna, but when they are out she is gone.

....Do they all go out at once, or is it one at a time?
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