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Speculation: Ways Legends Z-A could affect Horizons?

Considering we have the main villain with Zygarde and Liko with Terapagos I'd say the prospects are solid on Roy getting the presumed "A" legendary
Nah, I have a feeling it is going to be Ogerpon. I'm kind of surprised it hasn't appeared yet. Ogerpon is actually more popular than Terapagos and I'm worried they're going to give the Calyrex treatment to my goofy grass goblin gal.

The A legendary if it actually exists might be based on that squirrel from Norse myth so it could potentially be small but I don't know if that alone would translate to being caught by Roy, it feels more like he is being set up to eventually get Black Rayquazza once he proves his strength and worthiness. Also... I dislike the Norse explanation for the Kalos legendaries, I've always thought they were more likely to be inspired by Celtic myths or even the Hindu trimurti but for some reason everybody insists on Norse deities? That is like saying Rayquazza is based on Uranus and Groudon and Kyogre are Taratarus/Gaea and Pontus/Oceanus.
Ogerpon is weird. If it went to anyone it probably SHOULD be Roy, but also the whole plot of being misunderstood and needing the truth revealed to the town feels more fitting for Liko to solve given the whole wanting to understand pokemons emotions thing. (I assume they would leave out the Kieran stuff, dont think they have time to shove that whole plot line into the series).

So my thought was to just make it a ship mon if they ever did the plotline.
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