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Archives TCG Image Standards Questions


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Sep 8, 2023
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Hello all,

I'm new to forum editing, but I have noticed throughout the years that the images on many of the TCG cards vary in quality and print. So I was curious...

1. What is the preferred language for TCG uploads? Does it just default to best quality?
2. Can multiple images of a card be uploaded? In this case it would be to show a particular holo pattern/reverse holo pattern, and it would not be in an effort to replace the original.
3. Does it matter if the card is a reverse holo/stamped promo or a regular printing? I've seen many cards whose main image shows a reverse holo or a promo version instead of the standard edition found within the set.

1: English > Japanese > Whatever other language the card was released in.
2: General rule is 1 card image per artwork, if it's needed on a specific page. For example to show different holo patterns on a separate page, a different file can be uploaded, but we only need 1 example of the holo print or whatever it is in such cases. Generally the rule is, if it serves a use on BP, then we can use it, if not then not.
3: Regular English set prints are always preferred. Other cards may be uploaded and used until someone contributes such a print which is why they may not always be that way, but if you spot a card on archives that isn't the English set print, you are welcome to overwrite the upload with the English card, and that would be a help to the project :)

Again where available the regular English print of a card will always be the preferred image, there can just be cases where these cards haven't been uploaded and then other versions of the card are used, until someone contributes an English print. There's also just so many cards in existence at this point (over 10,000) and its impossible to keep track of every image, but any help to bring these files up to standard is always welcomed.

One other thing I should mention, is that physical scans of cards are always preferred from digital database renders.
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